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What is the Connection Between Yoga and Naturopathy?

Brandon May
Brandon May

Yoga and naturopathy are often used together in a natural and alternative healing program, as they both utilize natural forces and approaches that benefit the body. Naturopathy is a holistic approach to whole body healing through the use of herbal medicines and nutrition, as well as physical exercise. One exercise often followed is yoga, thought of as the best whole body strengthening exercise known in fitness and natural health circles. Yoga and naturopathy are frequently combined to heal symptoms of pain and discomfort, strengthen the immune system and build up defenses against future viral attacks.

Naturopathic medicine seeks a holistic approach to healing the body through the least invasive procedures necessary, such as nutrition and exercise. Many times, herbal medicines are used for their antioxidant compounds and other health benefits to help relieve pain and speed up the healing process. Physical exercise is also recommended in most naturopathic circles, as exercise can increase the immune system and help strengthen the body. The best natural approach to healthy exercise that involves the entire self, both mind and body, is yoga.

A woman doing yoga.
A woman doing yoga.

The link between yoga and naturopathy is seen in their similar ideologies on incorporating the entire self into a health-promoting practice. It isn't only the body that comprises the entire healing process, but it is the mind and heart that must also combine and encircle an overall healing approach. Yoga and naturopathy teach that the body can innately set itself back into alignment and heal itself. Scientific studies also support the beliefs that both yoga and naturopathy are beneficial for the body.

Yoga and naturopathy are often used in tandem as part of a holistic healing program.
Yoga and naturopathy are often used in tandem as part of a holistic healing program.

Naturopathy, for example, can help provide the body with appropriate nutrients and antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds that can help the body heal and relieve pain. Exercise also provides the same anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as helping to strengthen the immune system to prevent further illness. Yoga and naturopathy can be safely used by most individuals who desire natural approaches to whole body healing without the side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgeries. If a condition is severe, however, it is appropriate to seek Western medicine combined with age old wisdom to acquire the best treatment possible.

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Although it may be true that yoga and naturopathy can be beneficial for certain health problems, neither have been proven scientifically to treat anything. I don't believe neither to be particularly harmful but sometimes these practices become fads and people claim all sorts of things about them. No one should be tricked to believe that either of these can treat or cure any condition. We can use these in addition to modern medicine but we should never ignore our doctor's advice and try to replace modern treatments with these


I like this article, it sums up the connection between yoga and naturopathy well. It's true that both of these practices care about whole wellness. It's not just about physical wellness or mental wellness alone. It's about both. It's about achieving unity, balance and health. So it works on multiple levels, it helps our bodies, as well as our mental function, psychology etc. There are also spiritual elements to both. They can help with spiritual development and promote healing physically and emotionally.


I believe in naturopathy, I believe it works. Meditation and physical exercise are essential elements of naturopathy and we can say that yoga combines both in a unique and easy way.

I don't think it's necessary for everyone to do yoga to benefit from naturopathy. Someone who prays regularly and who exercises daily is already fulfilling these. What I like about yoga however is that it provides relaxation, focus and strength without straining the body or triggering lots of adrenaline. Adrenaline which occurs with strenuous exercises actives stress hormones which has negative side effects. Yoga is gentle and relaxing so it will not trigger these hormones.

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    • A woman doing yoga.
      A woman doing yoga.
    • Yoga and naturopathy are often used in tandem as part of a holistic healing program.
      By: sanneberg
      Yoga and naturopathy are often used in tandem as part of a holistic healing program.