What is the American Bankruptcy Institute?

Matt Brady
Matt Brady
The ABI Law Review addresses legal matters regarding bankruptcy.
The ABI Law Review addresses legal matters regarding bankruptcy.

The American Bankruptcy Institute is a non-profit organization that conducts research and provides resources regarding bankruptcy, or insolvency. The institute was founded in 1982, with the mission of providing the U.S. public and Congress with neutral information and research on bankruptcy. The American Bankruptcy Institute runs a multi-pronged operation: publishing various newsletters, compiling statistics, holding informational events, and providing a wealth of information to businesses, individuals, and lawmakers. The institute also runs a website, which aside from providing access to all the organization's data and resources, is also regularly updated with bankruptcy news.

A business or individual undergoing, or even just considering, bankruptcy might find useful information and resources through the American Bankruptcy Institute. Through the organization's Consumer Bankruptcy Center, individuals in financial trouble can brush up on current bankruptcy laws, get advice on whether and how they should file for bankruptcy, and receive assistance in searching for a certified attorney. Professionals whose work regards consumer bankruptcy are also provided with considerable data by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

The American Bankruptcy Institute allows individuals and businesses to enroll in membership programs. After joining, members are able to access special tiers of information. In particular, membership provides access to three levels of information: Business Development, News and Information, and Education. It is not free to become a member. Members can also enroll in special programs such as distance learning workshops.

The organization has multiple publications. The American Bankruptcy Institute's flagship publication is the ABI Journal, with content provided by institute members. The ABI Law Review addresses legal matters regarding bankruptcy. The West Bankruptcy Newsletter is another publication that addresses insolvency. The institute also has a bookstore, from which people can buy educational materials in various formats.

Numerous events are held throughout the year by the American Bankruptcy Institute to address bankruptcy from different angles. Some events are intended for consumers and businesses facing bankruptcy, others are intended for lawmakers and professionals interested in learning more about the issue. Conferences, workshops, and programs are held regularly throughout the U.S. and sometimes in other countries.

The institute draws a lot of strength from members who help conduct analysis and plan events. There are 19 member committees that together attempt to cover all bases of bankruptcy news and education. The various committees focus on such topics as bankruptcy litigation, commercial fraud, financial advisers, and investment banking. There is no fee required for joining a committee.

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    • The ABI Law Review addresses legal matters regarding bankruptcy.
      By: woodsy
      The ABI Law Review addresses legal matters regarding bankruptcy.