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What Is Texas Toast?

Matthew F.
Matthew F.

A common variation on standard sliced bread, Texas toast is a type of bread that is packaged and sold in stores as usual. It is pre-sliced to about twice the width of a normal slice of packaged bread for a sandwich. Unlike regular bread though, Texas toast is not often used for regular deli sandwiches, but in other uses. This type of thick bread is used most notably and often for dishes like French toast.

Texas toast, despite its name, is not already toasted pre-packaging, and can be bought fresh in stores, much like regular bread. It is shaped in a similar way to regular bread, but because of its thickness it is more common in certain types of dishes, where it is more practical than a thinner slice. These dishes include those heavy with substances like syrups, sauces, and fondue.

Texas toast is said to have originated in Texas.
Texas toast is said to have originated in Texas.

The item is thought to have originated in 1941 in Beaumont Texas at the Pig Stands event, though it likely has been used in some variation for much longer. Today, the bread is commonly sold through bread companies like Wonder, Mrs. Bairds, Safeway/Lucerne and Franz Bakery. The item is common in kitchens, food departments and cafes around the world, and has found many uses in fine and casual dining.

Garlic may be used to season Texas toast.
Garlic may be used to season Texas toast.

Texas toast’s largest contribution to the culinary arts has been through French toast, where is it is effective in absorbing the syrup sopped onto the bread. It is also popular with fondue, chicken, or pork sandwiched with sauces or gravy and a number of Southern dishes. It is traditionally served as a toasted side dish with various lunch and dinner items, as far ranging as catfish, chicken-fried steak and barbecue items.

Another popular use, with sandwiches or by itself, is to butter both sides of the bread and broil it in a pan until it is golden or light brown. It then is often served with pulled pork, seasoned with garlic, topped on a club sandwich or used with large deli sandwiches and cheeses.

Texas Toast is also the name of a variation of garlic bread made with this type of bread by various brands and restaurants, as well as in homes around the world. Another popular way to prepare the bread has a cook placing the bread in a frying pan after bacon or steak to absorb the grease and take in flavor. Whatever way it is prepared, Texas toast is a variation that can be enjoyed in a number of ways, bringing a bit more texture to a meal than regular sliced bread.

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For the longest time, I assumed Texas toast had some origins in the state of Texas. I thought the original bakery was there or the guy who first marketed the bread was from Texas. Little did I know that the name was solely based on Texas toast being larger than regular bread slices and "everything is bigger in Texas."


I guess I am late to join the Texas toast bandwagon. I didn't know the toast was sold as regular plain slices of bread. I buy garlic toast packaged under the brand name Texas Toast. It goes great with pasta and meat sauce. I have recently discovered the Texas Toast croutons, and they liven up a salad.

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    • Texas toast is said to have originated in Texas.
      By: juan35mm
      Texas toast is said to have originated in Texas.
    • Garlic may be used to season Texas toast.
      By: phasinphoto
      Garlic may be used to season Texas toast.