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What is Remote Control Software?

David White
David White

With remote control software, you can access your computer even if you're nowhere near it. Despite its name, however, it doesn't really involve a handheld control like the one you use for your television. In fact, the only buttons you need to push are on a keyboard.

Remote control software enables long-distance access of computers that have been set up to allow such access. Login codes, such as usernames and passwords, are required on the receiving end, of course. You can't just pop open remote control software and search anyone else's machine, but this kind of software does come in handy if you travel often and can't or don't want to take your entire hard drive with you.

Most software of this kind allows you full access to your computer. Functionality such as drag-and-drop, password alteration, and security updating are all possible and encouraged. It's like being there, even when you're not.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Remote control software comes in another form, that of desktop management. Information technology (IT) managers or session controllers naturally want to have access to computers in a company's system, for security and upgrading purposes, among others. The accounting department of a large company with many stores will also want to use this kind of software in order to keep track of sales via database analysis and receipt reporting.

These kinds of remote control software programs are generally standalone applications that are stored on one central machine or mainframe and used to access other computers, either nearby or far away. Another kind of remote control software, however, is web-based. You can buy or pay for access to a similar kind of software suite that you can access via a website, rather than an application that resides on your computer. This kind of remote control software is hosted by someone else, and you pay for the usage without having to pay for subsequent upgrades, which are the responsibility of the hosting company.

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This kind of software is a dream come true for computer support types. Instead of having to walk a customer through what needs to be done to resolve a problem during a phone call, the support person can simply ask a customer to install some remote software and then get permission to directly access the computer that needs attention.

The support professionals who use that approach wind up saving a lot of time.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer