What is Portable Storage?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Portable storage usually consists of units, such as pods or containers, that can be left at a site as semi-permanent storage or transported. In most cases, the portable storage units are ideal for those who are moving, but want to take their time packing. Also, for those who need to put things in storage before a move, this is a way to do it so that it does not have to be loaded and unloaded more than once. Portable storage is often also used by contractors while at various job sites.

A portable storage container usually comes in a number of different sizes. Some can be as large as semi-trailers, which generally run as long as 53 feet (16.15 m). Larger storage units are generally not recommended for home use, but may be ideal for a larger industrial job site. Residential storage units generally run no longer than 30 feet (9.15 m).

One of the most common types of portable storage units for residential use are the PODS™ containers. Delivery of these units can be accomplished as simply as calling and asking for one at a particular location. There is no time limit as long as you maintain an account in good standing and keep up with the monthly charges.

Once a portable storage unit is delivered, it is generally up to the person requesting the unit to load it and eventually unload it. There are other contractors that can assist with this task, such as moving companies. However, the company providing the portable storage unit will usually only be responsible for delivery and transport of that unit from location to location.

After the portable storage container is loaded, there are a number of different options. It may remain on site, subject to local laws and regulations regarding such units, it may be moved to a storage center run by the company, or it may be moved to another destination as determined by the customer.

While most tend to use such containers for a short-term move or for temporary storage, a few may choose to keep them for longer periods of time. Portable storage containers can be used by contractors who are constantly moving from site to site. In such cases, the portable storage units are generally bought by the company, not rented.

Portable storage units may be placed on a truck and remain there or may be lifted down to the ground level. Once loaded, they can then be lifted back on a truck. Generally, placing the unit down at the level of the ground is desired for easier loading. Each container has its own lock and most are waterproof, or at least water-resistant.

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    • Man with a drill
      Man with a drill