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What is Personnel Software?

John B Landers
John B Landers

Personnel software offers a variety of solutions designed to collect, organize and manage an array of data pertaining to employees. Specialized applications can be used to automate many personnel-related tasks in all types of organizations. Personnel management applications are used by companies in nearly every sector of the economy, including nonprofits, private companies and government entities. Sometimes called human resource software, these applications encompasses a wide variety of products.

They are specifically geared towards automating many of the routine and repetitive tasks required to operate the personnel function efficiently and effectively. Typically, many of the basic personnel software products are centered on tasks that are the most time-consuming aspects of managing personnel. Various features enable users to computerize ordinary jobs, such as attendance, overtime and monitor sick and vacation hours. Other attributes include the ability to have access to information on total salary, salary distribution across departments, and benefit packages by individual and groups.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

More sophisticated personnel software applications have multiple modules that assist users in maintaining and tracking an extensive range of data, including information on recruitment, benefits, and training. These specialized modules offer many advantages; for example, the recruitment module simplifies the process of finding, screening, and hiring new talent for companies. Personnel recruiters are empowered to track candidates through the entire process and minimize any mistakes when making employment decisions in the hiring process. Many types of software allow users to migrate new hires from the recruitment module into the personnel component

The training module permits human resource staff to document the training needs and accomplishments of any size workforce. By using software specifically created for tracking and monitoring the training function, the department has the capacity to identify skill gaps with individual workers and across departments. This ensures that each employee receives the guidance and instruction they need to work in an optimal manner.

Buyers of personnel software need to consider which qualities are important to their organizations. Technical considerations include compatibility with the organization’s existing hardware and the ease of user interface. Many applications assist clients to successfully interact with products through the use of wizards that guide users through set up and how to use different modules. Managers and directors may also want to know what type of weekly or quarterly reports are available and in what formats. Some other items to look for are: the availability of contracts, form letters and ready-to-use templates. Clients typically have the ability to customize generic documents and store scanned images of important materials. Data security is also an issue that must be addressed by the security administrators of client organizations.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer