What is Peel-And-Stick Wall Decor?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
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Woman with a flower

Peel-and-stick wall decor is removable wall art in the form of decals and borders. The colorful pieces can be pressed onto virtually any smooth wall and then easily removed without residue or damage. The idea of peel-and-stick wall decor is to add color and pattern to walls with the ease of applying a sticker to a notebook cover. This peel-and-stick option for walls is one often appreciated by renters, students in college dorms and others who aren’t usually allowed to paint their walls, but want to add color and design in other ways. Plus, there is no need to mess with paint and spend a lot of time decorating walls.

Some peel-and-stick wall designs are made in black and white in graphic designs. These may be intricate patterns such as paisley or designed to look like elaborate wrought iron work. These borders and decals may add needed pattern to a black and white color scheme, but may look too plain if color along with pattern is what is really needed in a room. The black and white peel-and-stick wall decor pieces could really add drama when placed on a boldly colored wall.

A few manufacturers of peel-and-stick wall decor make only simple geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares. The shapes are usually available in many different colors and sizes and the idea is to create interesting abstract looks by combining the shapes into designs. If the shapes are semi-transparent, overlapping different colored pieces can produce more sophisticated patterns.

There are many fun peel-and-stick detailed designs such as flowers, cartoon characters and animals especially made for children's rooms. It's possible to create a theme room for kids using peel-and-stick decor. There are many sets of peel-and-stick motifs available today such as space and sea life. The great thing is even small children can help smooth on the peel-and-stick wall decor so they can have a sense of being able to help decorate their own room.

Removable wall decor can really add new life to any room. For example, a simple border and a few wall decals can make a laundry room look finished. Even just a few cute peel-and-stick designs on the wall of a nursery can make it look decorated if the colors and theme coordinate with other accessories such as bedding.

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@wecallherana Wall stickers and decals are a semi-permanent solution to a renter's permanent problem. At least that's what I like to call it. You have explained pretty much all the good and bad about wall papering versus stickers or vinyl decals which is good. You can also think outside the box and work with peel and stick tile or carpet tiles and create an art piece. The hot thing now, though, is to work with modern decals and writing as previously described.


@plaid - You would normally use removable wall decals in situations where you wouldn't be able to make permanent changes or where you wouldn't want to make a permanent change. For instance, if you rent an apartment or home you wouldn't want to mess up the walls by painting or wall papering. Most decals come off clean with little to no damage to the walls and so you won't have to patch or paint anything before moving.

You wouldn't want to use wall papers in this case unless you owned the home and/or were planning to stay for quite some time because wall paper is difficult to get off and you literally glue it to the wall. I hope this information helps you.


What is the difference between using these vinyl wall decals and just cutting out shapes from wall paper patterns? What kind of applications would you use them in?


Peel and stick wall decor is absolutely awesome. A vinyl wall decal can really spice things up in a room. There are all sorts of decor pieces from dots and whimsical things like fairies to more artistic trees or murals and wording.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower