What is Online Collage?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Digital photos can be used to make an online collage.
Digital photos can be used to make an online collage.

An online collage is a piece of art in which a number of different items are grouped and layered together into one large image, similar to a handmade collage, except without the need to cut anything out or use paper and glue. This type of online image is frequently used on design web sites to showcase a number of different styles, or on sales web sites to show different products that are offered. Header images for personal web sites may also feature an online collage of favorite photos or images; this type of graphic creation can be a great way to express creativity and set the tone for a web site.

One of the many benefits to digital photography is the ability to manipulate the images as often as desired without actually changing the source file, or needing to cut up physical prints of pictures. An online collage made up of digital photos can be a great way to create a new piece of art, and it can even be printed and shared with friends or family members if desired. People who have some graphic design experience may be able to create an online collage using a simple photo editor, while others may choose to use more advanced software to get the precise look they are going for, and to more easily layer different photos together.

Web sites that use images for marketing purposes also often make use of the online collage idea. Words, product images, and design elements can all be combined to make professional looking images for a web site. The web sites of photographers, graphic designers, or other types of artists often feature a portfolio of work represented in an online collage. This is done for a few reasons; first, it allows visitors to the site to quickly get an idea of the individual's abilities and past work. In addition, it makes it more difficult for other people to steal the images and use them for their own purposes if they are part of a larger collage.

Personal blogs are another area in which the online collage is often used. This is because blogs often feature a wide header image at the top of the page that shows the title of the blog. Many bloggers also like to feature photos of themselves or their children, or perhaps images related to travel or some other specific interest. These are just a few examples of how a collage can be used to enhance the design of a web site, but there are many others for people who want to get a little creative.

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    • Digital photos can be used to make an online collage.
      Digital photos can be used to make an online collage.