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What is One Minute Manicure®?

Lynndee Molyneaux
Lynndee Molyneaux

One Minute Manicure® is a line of nail and skin-care products manufactured by Mykytyn Enterprises, Inc. — a company founded in 1998 by a Texas woman named Rosie Herman. The company makes its products using recipes that combine Dead Sea salts with all-natural botanical oils. These unique recipes enabled the One Minute Manicure® spa treatment products to be the first of their kind to moisturize and exfoliate in a single step.

What makes Dead Sea salt a unique skin care ingredient as compared to other sea salts is that Dead Sea salt is composed of a wider variety of minerals. While the average sea salt is composed of more than 90 percent sodium, Dead Sea salt is only 10 percent sodium. The rest of its composition includes minerals such as potassium, magnesium, bromides, and calcium chloride. These minerals naturally occur in the skin and help maintain moisture balance. As these minerals get depleted from the skin through natural bodily processes, replacing them by using skin-care products that contain Dead Sea salt may restore moisture, thereby giving the skin a healthier, suppler look.

A pumice stone, which can be used to soften hands and feet.
A pumice stone, which can be used to soften hands and feet.

The main products offered in the One Minute Manicure® line are moisturizing scrubs that may be applied to the hands, feet, and body for healthier skin and nails. They come in a variety of scents, including cinnamon, ginger citrus, chocolate silk, lemon cream, and fresh pomegranate. Each spa treatment moisture scrub offers its own unique aromatherapy experience in addition to nourishing, exfoliating, and moisturizing properties.

Dead Sea salts have a variety of beneficial minerals.
Dead Sea salts have a variety of beneficial minerals.

These moisturizing scrubs must be mixed well before applying, as the oils naturally rise above the Dead Sea salts in the jar. To use, a person typically should apply small amounts after thoroughly mixing, and rub the product in a circular motion; this typically will exfoliate dead skin cells. If applying to the hands or feet, the nails should be scrubbed as well to remove dead cuticles. After doing this for one minute, a person should then rinse and pat dry. The remaining oil can then be massaged into the skin and nails until fully absorbed.

In addition to the spa treatment moisture scrubs, One Minute Manicure® offers other skin- and nail-care products. The line includes gift sets, oils, a nail strengthener, a cuticle repair pen, and a bar soap. As with the moisturizing scrubs, these products are made from natural, botanical ingredients. One Minute Manicure® offers tools, such as nail clippers, cuticle clippers, buffer blocks, and pumice stones, as well.

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Discussion Comments


@StarJo – I suppose when you start out using the cheaper products, then One Minute Manicure could seem overpriced. However, I started out with One Minute Manicure products, and now, I can't stand to use anything else.

I have been disappointed with less expensive brands, because the quality is just nowhere near as good. I really don't mind paying more, because you get what you pay for.

I even think that their nail buffer blocks are better than others. I have one that has lasted over seven years, while cheaper brands tear apart in about a year.


One Minute Manicure scrubs are awesome at getting rid of dead skin. I like to use the blackberry vanilla scrub in the winter when my skin is dry and flaky. The oils add moisture back into my skin, and the salt sloughs the flakes away.

In the summertime, I need a good scrub to help remove my spray-on sunscreen. That stuff clings to my skin like glue, and sometimes, regular soap won't remove it. The green apple scrub makes it come off and leaves a wonderful scent on my skin.


I talked to a representative for One Minute Manicure before buying a gift set, and she told me that there are several knock-offs out there that use mineral oils instead of natural oils. She told me that mineral oils don't soak into your skin like natural ones do, so those products are inferior.

I bought the gift set that contains twelve different moisturizing scrubs. Each one has a different scent, and my favorite is the lemon cream. The citrus aroma energizes me and lifts my mood.

There were a couple that I didn't like, so I gave them away as Christmas gifts. I wasn't crazy about the chocolate or coconut, because I don't like to smell like food. It gives me unhealthy cravings.


I have seen One Minute Manicure items on display in a store before, but they were a little out of my price range. I really can't bring myself to spend $15 for a bottle of cuticle oil, when the one I can get for $5 does everything I need it to do.

The products do smell better than many others of their kind, and I'm sure that is one reason that the company can get away with charging more for them. Also, the fact that all the minerals in the products do good things for you helps, but I happen to be perfectly happy with my inexpensive department store skin and nail products.

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    • A pumice stone, which can be used to soften hands and feet.
      By: dimasobko
      A pumice stone, which can be used to soften hands and feet.
    • Dead Sea salts have a variety of beneficial minerals.
      By: Victor B
      Dead Sea salts have a variety of beneficial minerals.