What is Noni Juice?

R. Kayne

Noni juice is made from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia, or noni tree. This tree is found in tropical areas throughout the world, but is perhaps most closely associated with Tahiti, as some believe Tahitian noni possesses the greatest healing properties.

In Hawaii, noni fruit mixtures are used to treat bruises.
In Hawaii, noni fruit mixtures are used to treat bruises.

Noni juice is thought to be generally beneficial for one's overall health, in part because natives used the noni tree as a medicinal plant throughout history in the treatment of many ailments. Though noni juice is made from the fruit of the noni tree, traditionally it was not the fruit as much as other parts of the plant that were used by natives to affect different kinds of healing. In Polynesia, noni leaves were mixed with oil to treat everything from rheumatic pain and inflammation, to boils, gout and ringworm. In Hawaii, noni fruit and leaves were crushed and mixed with other plants then applied to bruises, sprains and severe wounds.

In Polynesia, noni leaves were mixed with oil to treat ringworm.
In Polynesia, noni leaves were mixed with oil to treat ringworm.

By the 1930s the fruit of the noni tree was being used for treating internal problems like intestinal worms, and as the years progressed noni juice gained a reputation for being a kind of folk remedy.

Noni leaves are used to treat gout in Polynesia.
Noni leaves are used to treat gout in Polynesia.

Today the FDA forbids the manufacturers of food supplement products like noni juice, from making specific health claims. But many people believe noni juice can do everything from make them feel energized, to help in the prevention of cancer. The vast majority of these claims have not been scientifically proven, and some research that has been done has yet to be corroborated. However, there is general agreement in the medical community that, hype and misleading claims aside, the fruit of the noni has some interesting properties that appear helpful in maintaining a healthy system. In fact, some practitioners recommend noni juice to their patients as a general health aid.

Noni is often combined with other fruits and marketed as a health-promoting beverage.
Noni is often combined with other fruits and marketed as a health-promoting beverage.

Noni juice is a supplement and not medicinal, therefore no dosage is associated with it. It is suggested that drinking noni juice on an empty stomach might be the best way to gain maximum benefits.

Because of the rich history of the noni tree and promising health indicators, it is likely the noni fruit will continue to receive attention from researchers and the public alike.

In Hawaii, noni fruit and leaves have been used to treat sprains and wounds.
In Hawaii, noni fruit and leaves have been used to treat sprains and wounds.

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I have been taking Noni juice for a bit over two weeks now and I can tell I feel more energized and sleep better. I don't press the "snooze button" 20 times like I usually do and can awake easier. I feel more refreshed and I even see my fingernails growing faster. I plan to experiment with different brands but I definitely will continue to drink Noni juice. There's just too many testimonials out there of everyone praising it's benefits and after trying Noni, it appears that there is much truth in the "hype"!


@feruze: Tahitian Noni juice is the original juice on the market. They can go back to the original tree a bottle of juice came from because of their processing procedure (they label each bottle). We have been drinking it for more than seven years now and had great results. And like you said: it helps energy, cancer, pain, depression and ear and yeast infections, bruising, sleep, joint pain in ourselves and our pets, because of Noni. I can't say, but it's the only thing different in our lives. It seems to make our lives better. We will never live without it.


@anon34660: I believe you are doing the right thing by drinking Noni. My family has been drinking Tahitian noni for seven years or so. Last week my 19 year old son was diagnosed with mono; he is away at school. The school doctor put him on antibiotics. He came home that Friday and immediately began drinking his noni. With a combination of the two and alkaline water, he is feeling great. Prayerfully, he will continue feeling great -- hockey and Air Force ROTC are waiting for him.

Let me know if I can assist you with any info on Tahitian Noni. I have had a lot of experience with it over the years.

Feel better, keep us posted and God bless.


I'm from Hawaii and my cousin actually works at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii. They have been doing studies on noni juice. Its benefits haven't been proven yet but it is know that it has some elements that help with cell function and cell regeneration. I believe it because the natives here have been using it for skin problems and wounds. I don't believe that it has as many benefits as they say though.

As for the quality of different brands out there, I think we just have to be smart about what we are buying. We can't expect something which is said to be good for so many ailments to not be commercialized. Everything is these days. You just have to use your best judgment and pick a manufacturer which cares about people's health.


I have been taking noni juice for the past two weeks and I do feel more energetic and happier. It does taste bitter so I mix mine with orange juice and have it. I did compare many different brands and tried to read some noni juice testimonials before I purchased any.

One thing I paid attention to was that the noni juice was really the juice of the noni fruit and not made from concentrates. They say that the actual juice is better for you. It's also better to buy it in glass bottles or containers rather than plastic, although I'm not sure why. And check that it is approved by the FDA.


I have heard so much about noni fruit juice. There are so many claims out there. They say it improves energy, prevents hair loss, helps prevent cancer, increases fertility, acts as a painkiller and antidepressant. There are probably even more claimed benefits then the ones I've mentioned here.

It sounds amazing but how do I know if the product I buy is safe? I know that there are different quality supplements out there. It would be a different thing if I had a noni tree and could pull the fruit off and make the juice myself.

Have you noticed that almost every week, some supplement is taken off the shelves in pharmacies because its dangerous effects or lack of quality has been realized. I think I have gotten very fearful of trying new things because of this.

At the same time, I think that natural remedies and supplements are far better than medicines. Only if they are of good quality and without additives, of course.


I have mono virus and I decided to try noni juice for energy because i am weak and sleepy all the time. Today is my first day with noni juice, and I took 2 tbsp. I also take vitamins A, E, B complex, and Biotin. I'll get back with you to let you know how I am doing. Hopefully, I'll do fine.

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