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What Is Lavender Shampoo?

Brandon May
Brandon May

Lavender shampoo is a shampoo that may contain natural extracts of the lavender plant, both leaf and flower, and/or natural and artificial essential and aromatic oils for a floral scent. Commercial lavender shampoo often contains synthetic lavender fragrance, with added vitamins like vitamin E and C for healthy hair growth and renewal. Natural shampoos that contain lavender contain only natural derivatives of the lavender plant, which is said to boost relaxation and promote healthier, shinier hair. More often than not, a lavender shampoo contains lavender essential oil and other natural oils to boost aroma and promote healthy-looking hair.

The majority of commercial shampoos contain synthetic and artificial additives, such as aroma enhancers and vitamins, as well as preservatives and stabilizers. In commercial lavender shampoo, these ingredients may also be present, with synthetic lavender present in large amounts to give the product a pleasing and attractive scent. Aromatic lavender oil is often the main ingredient that gives the shampoo a lavender aroma. Shampoos may also include other comparable aromas like rose and rosemary to add complexity to the overall scent. Vitamins are also added to a synthetic, commercial lavender shampoo to increase its nutrients.

Lavender flowers.
Lavender flowers.

In natural lavender shampoo, only natural ingredients like essential oils, antioxidants and vegetable-derived nutrients are added. Natural shampoos that contain lavender will often contain extracts of the whole plant, as well as lavender essential oil, both of which bring a lavender aroma to the product. Since lavender is promoted as a relaxation plant, many shampoo manufacturers advertise this as a potential health benefit on their labels. Lavender also contains antioxidants, another point used by marketers to promote a plant-based shampoo, as antioxidants do play a role in hair health.

Lavender shampoo may contain essential oils to boost relaxation.
Lavender shampoo may contain essential oils to boost relaxation.

Oils such as jojoba oil or coconut oil may be added to a natural lavender shampoo to help add shine to hair, as well as add moisture and antioxidants. Commercial, synthetic lavender shampoos may also contain added oils, as well as synthetic vitamins like vitamin E and C, important for hair health. Homemade shampoos can also be made with lavender by infusing lavender flowers in water, making a strong lavender tea that is then used as a hair wash or hair rinse. Adding lavender essential oil to this hair wash, as well unscented shampoo, makes a simple and natural homemade lavender shampoo.

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Discussion Comments


@ddljohn-- Some salon brands have nice shampoos and conditioners with lavender as well.

I also use a lavender shampoo, but it doesn't just have lavender. It also has tea tree oil. It's perfect for men because some lavender shampoos have too much of a feminine scent.

This combination of tea tree oil and lavender is also great for dandruff. I have an oily scalp that's prone to dandruff, and this is the only shampoo that works for me. My scalp feels very clean after I use it, it's great stuff.


@ddljohn-- If you buy an organic or all natural shampoo, the ingredients should be natural. I recommend buying a plant based shampoo from a well known brand.

I buy my lavender shampoo from the organic store and it's certified organic. So there is no way that there is synthetic lavender oil in it. My shampoo also has aloe and vitamin E. It's very beneficial for hair and I love the scent. It has a mild lavender scent which has an aromatherapy effect on me. I mainly use lavender shampoo for this reason, because it's relaxing.


How do I know if a lavender shampoo has natural lavender oils or synthetic ones?

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    • Lavender flowers.
      By: Kimberly Reinick
      Lavender flowers.
    • Lavender shampoo may contain essential oils to boost relaxation.
      By: Daniel Hughes
      Lavender shampoo may contain essential oils to boost relaxation.
    • Lavender extracts are said to promote healthier, shinier hair.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Lavender extracts are said to promote healthier, shinier hair.