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What Is Involved in Augmented Reality Design?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Augmented Reality (AR) design involves a number of steps after forming the initial concept, which often involves brainstorming to determine how to make it function. The virtual assets used in the AR need to be created, often through the use of computer graphics and video editing software. Depending on the platform being used, the creation of software code is typically required for augmented reality design to ensure that the virtual assets are displayed properly. The marker needs to be created for the entire system to function properly, and testing is often performed to ensure that it works well.

For an AR system to be displayed accurately, a great deal of augmented reality design is often required. This commonly begins with brainstorming, in which the entire project or display is planned out. If someone wants to create a poster that includes some AR in it, then the design for the image on the poster and the way in which it will be used need to be planned out. Augmented reality design can require numerous iterations and the brainstorming process can involve several abandoned ideas.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

After the initial augmented reality design is established, then the digital assets used in it need to be created. If the poster in the previous example is going to feature a three-dimensional (3D) virtual dinosaur that seems to emerge from it, then this 3D model needs to be created. Animation may be required, and the entire thing needs to be turned into a video file that can be used with the AR system.

These assets can then be used in coding to make the augmented reality design come together. Some type of script or code is typically created and used with an AR system to ensure that the image displays properly. An AR marker or bar code is made that is used to indicate where the digital assets should appear when used with a proper system. All of these components are created and come together during augmented reality design.

When they are finished, then testing is often used to ensure that each component functions properly. A smart phone, computer, or other system set up to run AR software is used to view the marker and see if the digital assets are displayed properly. Changes or refinements may need to be made to the original design, the marker, or the virtual image to ensure the entire system works well. When these elements are all tested thoroughly, then the augmented reality design can be publicly displayed or otherwise released for viewing by others.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc