What is Healing Jewelry?

Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer
Amber, which is sometimes used to make healing jewelry.
Amber, which is sometimes used to make healing jewelry.

Healing jewelry is a certain type of jewelry that many people believe brings better health, positive energy and increased vitality to the wearer. Different stones and metals are designated with different healing powers, and a wide variety of jewelry pieces can be crafted from these materials. The practice of using healing jewelry has been around in some form for much of human history. Although healing jewelry is often associated with the New Age movement, it has been found across various religions and cultures.

Healing gemstones include both precious and semiprecious stones, such as jade, amber and amethyst. People seeking emotional and spiritual well-being often wear one of these stones. Amber is believed to bring longer life, and jade is believed to bring greater prosperity. Some people who are grieving the loss of a loved one will wear amethyst jewelry to help them heal emotionally.

Crystals are another type of stone found in healing jewelry. Healing jewelry made from rose quartz crystal is popular for helping matters of the heart, both in terms of improving cardiovascular health and bringing more happiness into the wearer's life. Other crystals, such as rhodondite and rubellite, are worn to promote inner calm and increased concentration. Necklaces and pendants are among the most popular healing jewelry for people who wear gemstones or crystals.

Magnetic healing involves wearing certain conductive metals to improve physical ailments, such as arthritis and poor blood circulation. Bracelets fashioned from magnets are worn for these problems as well as for spiritual protection from negative energies. Although bracelets are the most common type of magnetic jewelry, it is also available in rings and necklaces.

Other metals used for healing are gold and silver. Jewelry artisans often craft pieces with gemstones in silver settings because of the belief silver increases the healing power of the stones to an even higher level. Gold is used in healing jewelry in order to help achieve mental clarity, particularly for spiritual meditation.

Proponents of using healing jewelry stress that simply wearing a certain stone will not magically get rid of a certain ailment or problem. They state that healing stones and metals are to be used as part of conscious efforts to bring on healing through other means as well. Some people who wear healing stones also practice other forms of alternative medicine or New Age spirituality. Others lean more toward traditional medicine or psychological counseling to help with physical or emotional challenges.

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A very good article. Crystals are found all over the world and come in a variety of colours and shapes. Many are spectacular, but others may go unnoticed until you discover how valuable they are. It's beneficial to be aware of their dark secrets and magical skills. Crystals, among other things, have the ability to beautify, heal, protect, divine, materialise, and transmute & shift energy.


Remember that amber is also a healing and magic stone.

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    • Amber, which is sometimes used to make healing jewelry.
      By: tadoma
      Amber, which is sometimes used to make healing jewelry.