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What is FarmVille?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

FarmVille, which was launched in June 2009, is a game developed by Zynga and used as an application on the website Facebook. It is a simulation of some of the aspects of a real farm, including taking care of animals and plants as well as putting up buildings and decorations. With the help of FarmVille coins and dollars combined with the work of the the player and neighbors, the farm can continue to expand and prosper.

The main aspect of FarmVille involves planting, growing then harvesting flowers, vegetables and trees. There is also the opportunity to obtain animals and get various products from them, for example, eggs from chickens and white milk from cows. The amount of time it takes for a harvest depends on the product; it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. For each harvest, coins are earned and, with each earning it pushes the player toward a new level.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

There are three ways of obtaining seeds and animals. The first way is by purchasing them with coins, the second is by receiving them as gifts from other players and the third is by completing various accomplishments. Anyone on FarmVille can send others on Facebook gifts or requests for gifts whether or not they currently play the game. Completing a level of the game results in coins, experience points and a gift, such as a cow.

Adding neighbors on FarmVille is beneficial. Neighbors can help each other by fertilizing crops or reviving crops after they've withered. When neighbors need assistance, such as requiring a specific item or needing help with a task, they can post the request on their Facebook page, which also shows up on the newsfeed of their friends. Helping a neighbor contributes toward earning ribbons as well.

Each time players earns a ribbon, for example, for putting a certain amount of buildings on the property, they earn coins and experience points. Another way to obtain coins is by purchasing them with real money via an Internet payment. Using real money also offers the chance to purchase FarmVille dollars, which the player can use to obtain special items such as a building or decoration.

In addition to putting crops and animals on the farm, there is also the ability to place buildings, automobiles and decorations. While most buildings and decorations only serve aesthetic purposes, some, such as the barn, allow for the storage of decorations when they're not in use. With each item acquired, it works toward obtaining a ribbon.

On FarmVille, there is also an opportunity to obtain various items that go into a collection. Each one is typically comprised of six different items with a similar theme, such as feathers or buttons. When each collection is completed, the player can turn it in to acquire coins or experience points. A player can obtain these special items from friends who have already found them, by fertilizing neighbors crops, harvesting trees and animals or by plowing their crops.

FarmVille is an extremely popular game that many people spend a substantial amount of time playing. It has connected people from all over the world as it has millions of players participating. There is no doubt that, due to the amount of participants, that it has left its mark on the Facebook world.

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I know many people put a lot of time and effort into their FarmVille strategies. For some friends of mine, that is the last thing they do at night before going to bed is to check on their farm.

I don't get nearly as many requests as I used to, and don't take much time out of my day to play Farmville or any of the games on Facebook. I have one friend that belongs to at least four of them, and I don't know how you would get anything else done.


The only reason I started with FarmVille was because my friend needed some neighbors when he was starting. After that I received so many requests from others to join, or messages that I had received a gift from them for my farm.

I have not been on my farm in so long, I have no idea what it looks like, but know that for a short time it was very popular. My friend grew quite an extensive farm and became familiar with many of the farmville cheats to get further ahead.


I never thought I would see the day when my husband began playing Farm ville. He started playing because his daughter lived in another country and she enjoyed playing, so he thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with her. They had a lot of fun building their farms and became quite good at it.

She got to the point where she even gave some money as a donation and received some special effects on her farm. It can become a little bit addicting once you start and you don't want all that work to go to waste and lose your crops.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer