What Is Electrohomeopathy?

Melanie Smeltzer
Melanie Smeltzer

Electrohomeopathy if a form of homeopathic medicine that focuses on using nonpoisonous plant extracts to help cure diseases by purifying the body. Unlike other forms of homeopathy, this variety uses only natural plant substances, rather than incorporating animal or mineral-based materials. This type of herbal medicine is said to help heal a large number of chronic and acute illnesses and injuries; however, there is some debate as to whether or not this is a legitimate form of medicine, and no controlled studies have been done to prove its effectiveness.

The name electrohomeopathy is a combination of the words electro, homeo, and pathy. Although many associate electro with electricity, in this case, it is used to define the energy derived from the plant life used in these remedies. Homeo means similar, an indication of one of the main principles of this practice, and pathy means suffering or disease. This name was chosen by Count Cesare Mattei, who developed this form of natural medicine during the last half of the 19th century.

The principles of electrohomeopathy are divided into four categories: the law of similar, constitution and temperament, the law of dosage, and selection of remedy. The law of similar states that substances that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy individual can cure a disease that causes similar symptoms in a sick individual. Many homeopaths believe that no two similar diseases can exist in the same body. Some herbal medicines may produce identical symptoms to certain diseases, and so, when given in small doses, these medicines serve to expel the actual illness from the body.

The temperament and constitution principle is considered an essential part of electrohomeopathy. As with any doctor visit, patients undergo a screening to find out their personal medical history, as well as the history of close relatives. This process is used to find out if the patient is of a sanguine, bilious, lymphatic, nervous, or mixed temperament. Once this is discovered, the patient is dosed accordingly.

While electrohomeopathy dosage is largely based on temperament, the selection of remedy is usually focused on the disease itself. These remedies are specifically selected for the patient and are generally prepared with fresh ingredients. These ingredients consist of numerous active plant enzymes said to pass through the body, eventually being absorbed by the affected tissues. Once the patient is cured, these substances will no longer be absorbed, according to the theory.

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