What is CD Label Software?

S. Gonzales

CD labels can appear on any type of disc. Whether a disc is intended to house photos, music, video or just needs to serve as a backup for information on a computer, CD labels will help in the disc's organization. CD label software can help streamline the process of labeling and organizing. Using this type of software, jewel case inserts, CD label stickers and cover art can be created and used in conjunction with discs.

CD label software can create jewel case inserts.
CD label software can create jewel case inserts.

Label making software is a program that helps users get creative with their CD labels. Limitless designs can be printed on CD stickers, cardstock or regular paper. CD label software can also help users tweak the contents of their discs. Names and other identifying information can be modified within the program to reflect new titles or even a new presentation of media.

Free versions of CD lable software exist on the Internet.
Free versions of CD lable software exist on the Internet.

Labeling software can be used to help mark and differentiate CDs and DVDs from each other. The software may come with basic label services or offer more advanced customization options. For example, an initial user may opt to use generic plain backgrounds on their labels. The more adventurous type may choose to use holiday, seasonal or themed templates that come pre-installed on the software. However, it's not uncommon to see CD label software users use their original artwork on the labels.

Many users choose to use individual artwork or spur-of-the-moment creations because it can better describe the CD, its contents, its purpose or its owner. Individual artwork does not have to be completely original, however. A popular choice amongst users is to create a collage of different but relevant images to use with the CD.

Using CD label software to label a disc may contribute to an overall professional look and feel. Artists or those involved in multimedia use CD label software to decorate their virtual resumes and portfolios. Musicians also use it in lieu of a professional pressing of their music. Everyday use is also seen, such as for mixed CDs exchanged between friends or digital wedding photo albums swapped between family members. The applications for the software are endless and almost anything that can fit onto a disc can have a custom label created for it.

CD label software can be purchased or obtained for free. While free versions exist on the Internet, retail stores also offer propriety CD label software. Many free versions offer competitive performance and often also come with the advantage of built-in support.

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