What is Cabreuva?

A. Leverkuhn

Cabreuva is a specific kind of tree found primarily in Paraguay. This plant can provide an essential oil that is sometimes used as an herbal remedy or a natural cold remedy to treat seasonal conditions related to the common cold. It has also been used as part of a salve formulation to help heal wounds and scars. The plant is often steam distilled to extract the essential oil, which is then distributed for some specific therapeutic uses.

Oil from the cabreuva might help ease seasonal conditions related to the common cold.
Oil from the cabreuva might help ease seasonal conditions related to the common cold.

The tree type plant producing cabreuva oil goes by the biological name of Myrocarpus fastigiatus. It is a tall tropical tree, often several meters in height, with hard wood. The wood is often harvested and used for various building elements in many parts of the world, and today's carpenters are becoming apprised of its benefits in providing durable surfaces for various kinds of projects.

Carbreuva oil may be an effective element of aromatherapy.
Carbreuva oil may be an effective element of aromatherapy.

In skin care, cabreuva oil is known as an antiseptic. Topical solutions that contain this substance may be rubbed onto scars to help heal the skin and provide a visually diminished scar area. Some users claim that it is very effective for treating burns or other types of wounds, where users may apply a compound several times a day, and watch for incremental improvements on the surface of the skin.

Cabreuva oil can also be an effective element in aromatherapy. Industry analysts grade its aromatic strength as “medium.” It is often recommended as a complementary scent to Mimosa or Cedarwood. The aroma of the substance has alternately been described as woodsy or floral in nature.

In building, Cabreuva wood is often used to provide flooring for a room or space. A range of hardware vendors sell this wood in pre-cut sizes to facilitate easy flooring layout. The hardness of the tree, and its natural resistance to mold, make it a prime candidate for durable floors. Online builders sometimes showcase the use of cabreuva wood in their projects with visual online galleries showing pieces neatly installed to provide an attractive and durable floor.

As an essential oil, cabreuva is not only used and found in Paraguay. Other Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, have classically used this plant for various healing aspects. It has now made its way to the United States and other areas of the world. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using this essential oil as an herbal remedy.

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