What is Bodyjam&Trade;?

Mandi R. Hall

Bodyjam™ is a workout routine offered by Les Mills International. A New Zealand-based company, Les Mills International offers an array of fitness classes. These classes, including Bodyjam™, are 55-minute dance programs designed to make the participants sweat while having fun. The students exercise to choreographed dance routines led by a Les Mills’ licensed instructor. Bodyjam™ specifically highlights cardio while allowing students to learn current dance steps.

Bodyjam™ was founded by Les Mills, who represented New Zealand at the Olympic Games.
Bodyjam™ was founded by Les Mills, who represented New Zealand at the Olympic Games.

Bodyjam™ is a series of group fitness classes. Meant to be enjoyed with other people, these classes cater to groups rather than individuals. Les Mills studios generally encourage class members to bring friends to classes, as well. The more people one exercises with, it is said, the more motivation he’ll have to succeed.

Bodyjam incorporates dance moves into an aerobic routine.
Bodyjam incorporates dance moves into an aerobic routine.

This fitness system is made up of men and women participants of all ages, though participants should be over the age of 18. Although physical fitness is not a requirement for the class, having a bit of natural rhythm is. Many attendees are somewhat in shape. While other Les Mills programs are based on strength or athletics, this particular class revolves around dance aerobics. Like other classes by the company, these classes are meant to tone the body through cardio and sweat.

The Bodyjam™ website can be a useful tool for class members. The Les Mills International website offers dance and training tips in the “Learn the Moves” section. In this section, a certified Bodyjam™ aerobic dance instructor clearly performs the dance moves in slow motion so at-home viewers can follow along.

The website also offers the most current group exercise track list. The music set list played at Bodyjam™ classes includes up-to-date dance songs designed to make the class sweat. Most of the songs are mixed with fast tracks to provide class members with heavy beats that motivate them to work out.

A Bodyjam™ class is 55 minutes long, including a brief warm-up and cool down period. During the class, the instructor motivates the group to learn the dance moves in synchronization. The instructor is also there to coach participants in how to dance with style and pizzazz. Near the end of the class, the members perform the entire routine, adding their own freestyle elements if they wish. Every few months, Les Mills choreographers and instructors create a new routine to launch to the public.

Les Mills International was founded by Philip Mills, the son of Olympic athlete Les Mills. The program's success in New Zealand and the surrounding areas encouraged the company to launch several thousand fitness clubs internationally. To become a Les Mills licensed Bodyjam™ instructor, an applicant must pass a rigorous training course that includes creating his own routine. He must submit a video of himself teaching this routine in order to qualify for Les Mills certification.

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