What is Battered Sausage?

G. Wiesen

Battered sausage is a dish, quite common and popular throughout areas such as the UK and Australia, which consists of a sausage that is battered and then deep fried. The batter used to make these sausages typically depends on the preference of the restaurants or home kitchens, though it is often similar to batter used for battered fish. Battered sausage is frequently served in restaurants or other establishments that serve fried fish and chips, or French fries.

Battered sausage is often served with French fries.
Battered sausage is often served with French fries.

While just about any type of sausage and batter can be used to make battered sausage, pork sausages are often used, especially those that may already be cooked through. These sausages are typically quite large, rather than small breakfast sausages, and unlike American corndogs, they are not served on sticks but are eaten by hand or with utensils. Battered sausage can be made with just about any type of batter, though a beer batter is used in many restaurants and kitchens.

Raw sausages.
Raw sausages.

The batter for battered sausage typically includes some type of leavener to allow the batter to remain fairly light and crisp after frying. Some recipes call for yeast, often added to a small amount of beer, mixed together, and then mixed with a larger amount of beer. Other recipes call for baking powder or self-rising flour to be used, often in combination with regular flour, to provide leavening and ensure the batter remains light and fluffy. Salt and pepper are often added to the batter, and other spices such as curry powder and paprika can also be added to enhance the flavor of the battered sausage.

The sausages are usually dredged in a seasoned flour batter.
The sausages are usually dredged in a seasoned flour batter.

Once the batter is prepared, the sausages are usually dredged in plain or seasoned flour. After a light coating of flour, the sausages are dipped in the batter; this process may be repeated a second time for more thorough coverage. These sausages are then carefully placed in hot oil and deep fried until cooked through, if necessary, and the batter becomes golden brown and crispy.

After the sausages are removed from the oil, they are typically allowed to drain on a rack or plate lined with paper towels. The sausages may then be seasoned further; any additional seasoning should be sprinkled over the sausages while they are still hot, as this will allow the seasoning to better cling to the batter. Battered sausage is typically sold along with French fries, which are called chips in many of the countries in which such sausages are popular.

Pork sausage is most commonly used to make battered sausage.
Pork sausage is most commonly used to make battered sausage.

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@truman12 - There is a bar close to me that serves battered Lil Smokies. They are not like the ones you find in the UK, but they are still really good with some BBQ sauce!

@BAU79 - I totally agree. I can't believe that more bars in America do not serve battered sausages.

We have every other bar food imaginable, but somehow a battered fried sausage, something that sounds good to just about everyone, only shows up on menus at English pubs.

I lived in the UK for about a year and I fell in love with battered sausages. After a long night at the pub there is nothing better. Some of my fondest memories are standing outside of chip shops with my friends tearing into a battered sausage before we went stumbling though the streets singing some classic song really poorly.
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