What is Bar Interior Design?

Sheri Cyprus

Bar interior design refers to the service of designing the interiors of bars and clubs. Unlike house interior design, which is residential, bar interior designs are usually commercial in nature. However, homeowners may also hire bar interior designers to design home bars inside their houses. Bar interior design is important since people tend to be drawn to bars that have an appealing atmosphere and style.

A simple, wooden bar stool.
A simple, wooden bar stool.

Bars provide a place for people to gather for social entertainment. Since they can usually buy or make similar drinks at home for less money, people go to bars mainly to socialize and listen to music. If a bar isn't designed well enough to attract its target customers, the business isn't likely to make a good profit. Creating a mood that fits the theme of each particular bar or club is crucial in the interior design of bars.

Bars provide a place for people to gather and socialize, and the interior design of one reflects that.
Bars provide a place for people to gather and socialize, and the interior design of one reflects that.

For example, Sam's Piano Bar should be a lot different inside that Joe's Sports Bar. The piano and performers would be the main draw in the first example, while large television screens broadcasting sports games would create the focus in the latter. Wall decor at Sam's may include photos of famous piano players or pianists, while Joe's may showcase autographed sports memorabilia. Bar interior designers plan and maintain a concept and significant look for each of the bars they're hired to design.

Contemporary bar interior design includes clean lines and an open, uncluttered look. Bold uses of color may be used in limited areas to add interest. The barstools are likely to be sleek and modern. There may be a lot of metal and glass rather than wood in contemporary bar interior designs. Rather than drapery, contemporary designed bars may feature blinds or even windows left bare with the trim painted an interesting color.

An old-fashioned English style pub, on the other hand, has a totally opposite bar interior design. The overall mood is more cozy and detailed. Wood bar tops, tables and stools add to the feeling of warmth that most English pubs have. The curtains may feature floral or other patterns and the colors may be subdued.

It's important to note that bar interior design isn't merely decorating bars and clubs. Interior designers are distinct from decorators in that they work with elements of architectural design and understand construction issues such as building codes. Bar interior design is considered a niche specialty area of commercial interiors services. Many other commercial interior designers work with all types of business designing jobs rather than bars only. Other types of commercial interior design services include those for restaurants, offices, hotels and retail stores.

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