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What is an Outdoor Room?

Donn Saylor
Donn Saylor

An outdoor room is an outdoor living space typically located on a patio or in a backyard or garden. An exterior area transformed into an outdoor room allows homeowners to enjoy the comfort of the indoors while relaxing in nature. The components of an outdoor room are only limited by the imagination; they can include living, dining, cooking, and even sleeping spaces.

The idea behind outdoor rooms has been employed for centuries. In earlier eras, circumstances such as hunting parties, lengthy travels, and even battles often necessitated the need for an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living room. As more and more sophisticated technology has developed, outdoor rooms have taken on a grander scope. While they were once basic, functional units, they now can have any number of added features like lighting, electricity, state-of-the-art roofs and coverings, comfortable furniture, and the latest architectural trends.

Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal to an outdoor room.
Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal to an outdoor room.

Selecting the right covering for an outdoor room is one of the most important elements of the construction process. Homeowners typically choose strong, sturdy materials that will not impede the view of natural beauty but will also protect the area in case of inclement weather. Popular choices for outdoor room overhead structures include arbors, awnings, gazebos, and pergolas.

The flooring of an outdoor room is another vital component of the space. Proper flooring ensures level ground and defense against water, dirt, and insects. Wood planks, like the type used in building decks, are common choices for outdoor room flooring, as are stone pavers. Both these surfaces can be left unadorned or covered with attractive area rugs, which make the space more homey and inviting.

The furniture utilized in an outdoor room is usually able to withstand moisture and temperature variations. Because of this, outdoor-specific styles like wicker, wrought iron, and wood furniture are commonly employed. Warmer or more year-round temperate climates lend a bit more freedom on this issue, and homeowners living in these kinds of locations may be able to choose from more traditional indoor-type furniture.

Many outdoor rooms contain both living and cooking areas. Ornate barbecue grills are a popular choice for rooms that require space to prepare food. A grill can be augmented with a countertop for additional workspace, and some rooms might even include a small refrigeration unit. An outdoor room may also contain a wet bar to serve and enjoy drinks, adding yet another dimension to this luxurious and functional type of space.

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    • Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal to an outdoor room.
      By: kornienko
      Wicker pieces add a great aesthetic appeal to an outdoor room.