What Is an Online Job Board?

Lumara Lee

An online job board is a website that people can visit to look for jobs posted by recruiters. There is a variety of online job boards to make job hunting easier than ever before. An online job board will commonly be one of the following types: generic, executive, aggregate, international, or specialty or niche. Some online job boards only advertise jobs specific to one location, while others list jobs nationwide.

Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.
Most job boards allow job-seekers to upload their resumes.

A generic online job board posts a variety of jobs and isn’t limited to one industry or specialty. These are generally the largest job boards, offering the job seeker the greatest number of choices. They will have listings for the widest variety of jobs, including advertisements for assembly line workers, truck drivers, medical professionals, engineers, and day care workers. Generic online job boards are convenient for recruiters, who can advertise a variety of positions at a single Internet location.

Online job boards allow job-seekers the chance to look at opportunities during their free time.
Online job boards allow job-seekers the chance to look at opportunities during their free time.

Niche or specialty job boards may either advertise jobs in a specific field or list different types of jobs in a specific geographic location. For example, one job board may specialize in the medical field, so a person seeking a job anywhere as a radiologic technician or phlebotomist might find a job there. Another board may limit its demographic to people seeking medical jobs in a specific region or city.

Executive job boards advertise positions such as vice president, director, and other upper-level positions. These boards are generally geared toward executives earning salaries of $100,000 US Dollars (USD) a year and more. Executive online jobs board can also be considered niche boards.

An aggregate online job board provides visitors with a search engine that compiles results from other job boards. Recruiters don’t post jobs at this kind of online job board since an aggregate online job board doesn’t actually carry any job postings of its own. Online job boards are a resource heavily used by companies in the hiring process, and they are an excellent resource for people seeking employment.

Some online job boards require a membership fee before a job seeker can view the listings. Other boards are free and supported through ads for colleges, resume services, and other businesses offering services that a person hunting for a job might be interested in. Some online job boards charge a fee for recruiters to advertise job openings which job seekers can peruse for free. A number of corporations have their own job boards with search engines people can utilize to look for job openings at that company.

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