What Is an Instant Passport?

Alex Tree

An instant passport is a travel document that is secured quickly, usually by paying to expedite processing. There is no such thing as a literal instant passport; no real passport can be printed by filling a form and then printing it. Same-day passports, passports that are made available in one to two weeks, and passport services that attempt to hasten the process for clients are some legitimate instances of an instant passport. It is important to be wary of instant passport scams, however, which usually request large amounts of money for fake or stolen documents.

Scam passport services usually offer very low or very high prices.
Scam passport services usually offer very low or very high prices.

The term same-day passport can be misleading. This kind of passport generally requires an applicant to have all his or her forms filled out, with an appropriate photo. Then he or she must make an appointment at a passport facility to visit in person, but this appointment might need to be paid two to three weeks in advance. Once the proper documents are dropped off, the applicant goes about his or her day and returns to the facility later in the day to pick up the passport. If the documents were dropped off too late in the day, the passport will likely be available the next rather than the same day.

Scams involving instant passports may offer diplomatic or other unusual benefits with purchase.
Scams involving instant passports may offer diplomatic or other unusual benefits with purchase.

Some passport facilitates allow applicants to expedite the processing of their passport applications by a significant amount. Expediting the processing of an application and the creation of a passport can be very expensive. On the other hand, the applicant is guaranteed to have his or her travel document within a certain amount of days, such as one week. Whether this is allowed in a certain region depends on the country and its laws. Some countries have fast turnaround times on passport applications already and do not have or plan on implementing a priority system.

Instant passport scams can be spotted on the Internet if a person looks closely enough. People selling scam passports usually offer surprisingly low prices, very high prices, or illegal benefits to purchasers. For example, some scam instant passport sellers offer other illegitimate documents, such as birth certificates, in combination with an instant passport. Another warning sign of a potential scam is the offering of diplomatic or other unusual benefits with the purchase of an instant passport. In general, passport scams such as these can be avoided by dealing directly with the appropriate authorities and avoiding deals seemingly too good to be true.

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@wander - If you already have your passport photos and you know where the local consulate is, you can just get your passport done through them directly. I know there are a lot of places that advertise where to get a passport processed, but the official government office is always the best if you can get to it.

You can probably go to your consulate's website and they should have a form available for passport renewal and instructions. If you need it done fast, there should be an express service as well, though I am sure this varies from country to country.


What can you do if you are in a rush to get a passport renewed and you are abroad?

I have already picked up a few instant passport photos at a photo shop near the consulate in my area and after dismissing a few of those how to get a passport quick websites I am wondering what the fastest route it.

When I was a home I got my passport in Chicago in two weeks and I was just using their regular service, so I am hoping that I can get it a lot quicker at an office that doesn't do as many passport applications.


When we were looking at how to get a passport we were surprised at the number of services offering to speed up the process. It all seemed a bit fishy to us as the passport office themselves told them it would take a minimum of 4 days for their rush service. It certainly wasn't cheap either. To get an passport faster was nearly double the price for us.

I think when you are looking at where to get your passport it is good to just go to your local office well in advance with all of your documents and hope for the best. Be prepared to pay the published fee if you want it done faster. There should be a sign in the passport office indicating how much this will cost you.

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