What is ADHD Coaching?

G. Wiesen

For individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), ADHD coaching provides an opportunity to learn new skills and gain advice and guidance in overcoming issues related to ADHD. This coaching is typically intended to help a person stay focused and learn ways of dealing with various aspects of ADHD to better succeed in life. Such coaching is typically a specialized form of life coaching and focuses on helping a person be happier and more successful through better time management and guidance in overcoming obstacles. ADHD coaching is usually provided by a person with experience in life coaching and knowledge in various issues specific to ADHD.

An ADHD coach specializes in helping people who have ADHD to overcome the complications which arise from the disorder.
An ADHD coach specializes in helping people who have ADHD to overcome the complications which arise from the disorder.

Much like other forms of life coaching, ADHD coaching begins with the efforts of an ADHD coach. An ADHD coach is a life coach who specializes in helping people who have ADHD and who want help in overcoming the different complications the disorder typically brings to a person’s life. ADHD is a condition in which a person finds it especially difficult to focus on tasks and is often easily distracted. The hyperactivity may also manifest as an inability to remain still or in place. There are different tactics and methods often used in ADHD coaching, which generally are intended to help a person deal with problems he or she encounters while living with ADHD.

ADHD coaching usually involves direct interaction between a coach and someone who has ADHD. The coach will typically work with the client to help him or her learn to better manage his or her time and discover various tricks or systems that can help work around the issues inherent to living with ADHD. This process is similar to how a sports coach will work with athletes to create a cohesive team or help individual athletes improve their abilities. ADHD coaching provides a person with an external viewpoint to help the client recognize ways to better focus on various tasks and avoid distractions whenever possible.

It is important for someone with ADHD to understand that ADHD coaching is not a form of therapy or psychological treatment. ADHD coaches are not typically psychological professionals, and so it is often beneficial for a person to see a therapist while working with a coach. This can be especially helpful for someone who needs help dealing with multiple facets of his or her condition. ADHD coaching could be used to help a person deal with daily issues related to his or her ADHD, while a psychologist would provide assistance in trying to mitigate or overcome the disorder in general.

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