What Is a VOIP Predictive Dialer?

A. Leverkuhn

A VoIP predictive dialer is an electrical appliance or device that uses VoIP technology to assist in making telephone calls. VoIP predictive dialing machines provide advanced assistance to callers. Call centers and other similar commercial setups use VoIP predictive dialers to expedite their processes.

Many call centers use VoIP predictive dialer to increase speed and efficiency.
Many call centers use VoIP predictive dialer to increase speed and efficiency.

The VoIP predictive dialer utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, an alternative to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. With VoIP, the caller can use broadband technology to generate multiple calls. Tools like VoIP predictive dialers build more functionality into a VoIP call station.

These types of dialers often do more than just provide easy connections for a list of phone numbers. The original kinds of VoIP dialers known as auto-dialers were just automatic dialing machines. These dialers do much more, using algorithms to actively sort calls. A VoIP predictive dialer can often generate calls on its own, running automatic voice response scripts, and then store them for a human response, so that someone who picks up the phone is routed to a human caller.

VoIP predictive dialers are part of a wide array of tools for VoIP that help digitize and automate a lot of the telecom processes for a business. Software tools known as softphones often include a hosted predictive dialer or predictive dialer software. With softphones, nearly the entire process of a phone call is digital, and computer hardware replaces the conventional hardware associated with a telephone call.

Businesses and corporations have started to use these dialers and related setups for a number of reasons. Making use of telephone systems with VoIP generally lowers the cost for communications. These kinds of digital systems also make it easy to add or change functionality with additional coding in various computer languages.

Systems including VoIP dialers can be part of an overall Service Oriented Architecture or SOA. A good SOA is a plan for using many different software programs and sharing data between them. A company that focuses on SOA and other strategic planning can save a lot of time and money in implementing all of the necessary communications in daily operations.

A VoIP predictive dialer can do a lot of the intelligent processes that used to be done by humans. Coders can add specific commands that help the dialer work more closely with a human staffer to identify and complete goals. Call automation saves human callers a lot of time, and generally makes a company or business much more efficient.

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