What is a Tripod Sprinkler?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A tripod sprinkler is a sprinkler which is mounted on a tripod. Some companies sell complete units which include the tripod and a sprinkler head, with an attachment for a water source such as a hose or irrigation pipe. Others sell tripods and sprinkler heads separately, allowing people to select the best tools for the job, or to change sprinkler heads if they need to do so. Many garden supply and nursery stores stock tripod sprinklers and can order specific models by request, and they are also available on the Internet from a number of sources.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

There are a number of advantages to the tripod design. The first is very high stability. Tripods and other three legged devices tend to be very stable, which can make a tripod sprinkler well suited to rough ground, as it cannot be knocked over by pets or an aggressive jet of water. The tripod is also adjustable, allowing users to vary the height of the sprinkler to precisely control the area which is covered. This reduces water waste and helps to automate the watering process.

Tripod sprinklers also have a very light footprint. Whether they are left in place at all times or set out for watering, they should not damage grass or plants, since the legs of the tripod are small and the setup is very lightweight. The folding tripod also neatly compacts for storage, for those who prefer not to leave their sprinklers out.

Heads for tripod sprinklers come in an array of styles. Some are designed to use minimal water, which can be useful in areas where there are water restrictions or where people simply want to save water. Most rotate or move to cover a swath of ground around the sprinkler, moving at a steady rate so that the coverage is even. The tripod sprinkler can be connected to an automated irrigation system which takes much of the work out of irrigating, setting off sprinklers at set times or in response to changing water needs in the garden.

Installing a tripod sprinkler is very easy. In most cases, the head will attach to a hose, so for basic use, people can attach a hose, set up the sprinkler, and turn the water on. The height of the tripod sprinkler can be adjusted to change the coverage, and in some case the sprinkler head may be adjustable as well to vary the way in which the water comes out.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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