What is a Triple Wardrobe?

B. Turner
B. Turner
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A triple wardrobe is a type of furniture designed to hold clothing. Unlike a single or double wardrobe, the triple wardrobe features three separate doors, which conceal three separate clothing compartments. While these wardrobes come in many different styles and configurations, a triple wardrobe commonly includes two compartments for hanging garments and one filled with shelves or drawers to hold folded clothing. These furnishings serve as an effective storage space in homes with insufficient closet space, or for older homes that do not have any built-in closets. These units may also be referred to as armoires or storage cupboards in some parts of the world.

One common characteristic of most triple wardrobes is their large size and heavy-duty construction. These furnishings act as showpieces or focal points within a room, and take up a great deal of space. Their size makes it critical that buyers who plan to invest in a triple wardrobe take the time to choose a model that fits existing decor. The wardrobe should match or complement other bedroom furnishings, including the bed frame, night stand, and chest of drawers. Buying a wardrobe that matches these other furnishings helps to create a cohesive look within a space.

Manufacturers may construct a triple wardrobe out of many types of material. Wood is among the most popular material, with pine or beech units available for those looking to create a rustic look. Traditional models are often made from hardwoods like oak, cherry, or mahogany. which offer rich natural coloring along with strength and durability. Painted wooden models made from hardboard are also available, and often cost less than solid wood units. Many of these furnishings include elaborate carvings or designs, though some feature a clean, sleek finish.

When buying a triple wardrobe, one of the most important factors to consider is the layout and storage capabilities of each unit. Buyers should look for the most appropriate combination of hanging areas and shelves on drawers based on the type of clothing they plan to store in the unit. Some of these wardrobes incorporate full-length mirrors on one or more doors, which can make getting dressed easy, and can also serve as a decorative element. Others feature doors that are shorter than the length of the unit, which allows for a series of drawers or shelves to be installed at the base of the unit.

One major advantage to using a triple wardrobe is that it allows users to keep all clothing and accessories in a single location. These units may even eliminate the need for a separate chest of drawers. A triple wardrobe also provides a high degree of flexibility in terms of design and finish options to complement any type of decorating scheme.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book