How Do I Choose the Best Wardrobe Hangers?

M.C. Huguelet
M.C. Huguelet
Choosing one type of good hanger can keep a closet organized.
Choosing one type of good hanger can keep a closet organized.

Storing your clothing on hangers can help keep your closet organized and prolong the life of your wardrobe. With the wide variety of wardrobe hangers available, however, it can be difficult to determine which are best for your needs. To choose the best wardrobe hangers, first decide what type of material you would like. Then, determine whether you need normal hangers, specialty hangers, or a combination of these.

To narrow your choice of wardrobe hangers, you may find it helpful to first decide what type of hanger material you would like. Wire and plastic are perhaps the most basic hanger materials available. On the plus side, hangers made from plastic or wire are usually very inexpensive. In fact, many dry cleaners include a free wire hanger with each item of clothing that has been cleaned. Hangers made from these materials can bend or break quite easily, however, and therefore may need to be replaced frequently.

Wood is also a popular material choice for wardrobe hangers. One advantage of wooden hangers is their sturdiness, which makes them far less prone to breakage than plastic and wire models, and may also help shirts and jackets retain their shape better than other hangers can. Further, matching wooden hangers can lend an air of polish to your wardrobe. On the other hand, wooden models tend to be significantly more expensive than their plastic and wire counterparts.

Also popular are wood or metal hangers which are padded and covered in a soft fabric such as satin. These hangers’ padding is useful both for helping tops to retain their shape and for holding strappy shirts and dresses in place. In addition, padded hangers can add a lush, indulgent air to your closet, particularly when they are covered in rich fabrics. Like wooden hangers, however, padded hangers can be costly.

Once you have decided which material you would like, continue your search for wardrobe hangers by determining which hanger shape best suits your needs. If your wardrobe consists mainly of casual shirts and pants, you may find that traditional triangular hangers are suitable. To hold skirts in place, you may wish to consider hangers which feature clips or a locking bar along their base. If space is a concern, you might want to obtain one or more tiered hangers, which can accommodate multiple pairs of pants while using only minimal closet space. For a wardrobe that features many different types of clothing, it might be best to purchase hangers in several different shapes.

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    • Choosing one type of good hanger can keep a closet organized.
      By: xy
      Choosing one type of good hanger can keep a closet organized.