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What is a Tricep Machine?

D. Messmer
D. Messmer

A tricep machine, also known as a tricep extension machine or a tricep dip machine, is a piece of exercise equipment that enables an athlete to target the triceps muscles. It consists of a padded chair with a pair of handles that the athlete pushes down in order to extend the arms and thus engage the triceps muscles. There are different variations of the triceps machine, and it is common to find a machine that combines the functions of a tricep machine with the functions of a bicep machine. These hybrid machines are called tricep bicep machines.

While performing the exercise, the athlete sits on a padded seat that is at a height that will allow the feet to rest on the floor while the knees are at a 90-degree angle. The machines also include a padded back support. There is usually a strap or "seat belt" that the athlete attaches around his or her waist in order to remain in the proper position while performing the exercise. When sitting in the seat, the athlete will find a handle on either side at a level just below the armpits. Most tricep machines will allow adjustments to the height of the seat to make sure that the handles line up properly with the athlete's body.

A tricep machine enables an athlete to target the triceps muscles.
A tricep machine enables an athlete to target the triceps muscles.

The handles are parallel to each other so that the athlete can grip them with the palms facing each other. To perform the exercise, the athlete grips these handles and then presses them down toward the floor. These handles are attached to the weight and provide resistance as the athlete presses on them, and this resistance provides the workout to the triceps. The tricep machine controls the path of the motion, so it is easier for an athlete to maintain proper form while performing triceps extensions than it would be using free weights.

When purchasing a tricep machine, there are a few important things one should keep in mind. First, it is crucial that the machine is stable. When lifting larger amounts of weight, there can be a great deal of strain on all of the moving parts of the tricep machine as well as on the body. So, it is important that the machine not wobble during the exercise, because this can cause an imbalanced workout or even injury. Also, it is important to ensure that the height of the seat is adjustable or, if it isn't, that it is at the correct height for the athletes who will be using the machine.

In addition to these standard features, many tricep machines also include a bicep machine. This consists of a preacher bench in front of the seat and a set of handles that allow the athlete to perform preacher curls. The presence of this preacher bench has no impact on the machine's effectiveness for working out the triceps, but the tricep bicep machine does save money and space for those athletes who want a machine for working both the triceps and the biceps.

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    • A tricep machine enables an athlete to target the triceps muscles.
      By: blueringmedia
      A tricep machine enables an athlete to target the triceps muscles.