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What Is a Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

A rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a cordless cleaning device that contains a rechargeable battery. Also known as a portable vacuum, these wireless gadgets are offered by retailers in a variety of sizes and brands. A rechargeable vacuum cleaner operates in the same way that a vacuum cleaner with an electric cord does in that it uses a suction port to collect dirt and dust particles from surfaces.

Some people consider a rechargeable vacuum cleaner to be more convenient to use and to store than traditional vacuum cleaning devices. Without a cord attached to the machine, the vacuum may be freely maneuvered and is completely portable. This convenience allows the rechargeable vacuum cleaner to be used for home use as well as for use in cars and outdoor patios.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Rechargeable gadgets are popular with some consumers as many use less energy than traditional vacuum cleaners that require an electric power cord to function. With rechargeable technology, a device is plugged into an energy source for a limited period of time while a battery charges. When the battery is sufficiently powered, a device can be used without need of additional power. Some rechargeable systems are even powered by solar technology, which allows them to be even more energy efficient in that no electricity is needed to charge or use rechargeable accessories.

Vacuums with rechargeable systems come in an array of designs and sizes. Among the different styles of rechargeable vacuum cleaner types are small cleaners, which are most often referred to as hand-held cleaners and are advertised by retailers to be convenient for vacuuming quick spills and hard-to-reach areas. Another small rechargeable vacuum cleaner type is shaped like a disc and does not require the guidance of a user because it is a robotic device that guides itself on vacuuming surfaces once it is properly positioned to do so. Upright vacuum cleaners with rechargeable systems are also offered for larger cleaning jobs.

With an emphasis on convenience, most rechargeable vacuum cleaner manufacturers design devices to be lightweight and to require minimal storage space. The amount of in-use time each contains after the battery is fully charged varies, with some being able to clean an average-size home on a single charge. Some rechargeable vacuum cleaner models are even sold with an additional battery, which enables the device to be used for even longer periods of time to cover larger surface areas.

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Really, my goal is to have one of the rechargeable robot vacuums. If I knew it wouldn't terrify the cats, I'd get one tomorrow! I hear the programming is improved and they don't get stuck in corners nearly as often.

If I had a robot vacuum, I'd clean every day.


I'd like to try a rechargeable vacuum. One of my pet peeves is that I'm forever having to maneuver around the cord when I vacuum. I usually hold it in one hand, but that can be inconvenient. Running the vacuum while holding the cord turns into a kind of vacuum cleaner ballet. It's annoying.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip