What is a Rechargeable Mouse?

Ken Black

A rechargeable mouse is a mouse that is powered by an onboard power source which can be recharged. Often, this battery is a permanent fixture on the mouse, though this is not the case all models. In some cases, once the batteries no longer have the capability of holding a charge, they may be able to be replaced. In other cases, it may be impossible to replace the battery.

The tracking technology in a rechargeable mouse will likely be a laser emitter.
The tracking technology in a rechargeable mouse will likely be a laser emitter.

All rechargeable mouse units have some of the same qualities. First, they are all wireless. Otherwise, the power would come through the cord connecting it to the computer and there would be no need for a charge. Second, they have the ability to transmit a signal to a receiver on the computer. This receiver may be built into the computer or may be a plug in.

A rechargeable mouse will likely come with one of two different types of battery configurations. In some cases, a battery may be designed specifically for the mouse. Its docking station also is specifically designed for a certain type of mouse. In other cases, a standard rechargeable AA or AAA battery may be used. However, in most cases the docking station provided will mean there is no need to remove the battery.

In most cases, the tracking technology in a rechargeable mouse will likely be an optical or laser emitter. In some cases, a standard mouse tracking ball may be used. While many may prefer a laser or optical mouse, the ball still works best on some highly reflective or transparent surfaces.

The main benefit of the rechargeable mouse is the fact that it is an input device that can be controlled remotely away from the computer. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be especially useful when giving presentations where multiple people may have parts they need to present from the same computer. It also provides a single user some additional freedom of movement.

While rechargeable mice are one of the cheapest computer accessories you may purchase, they do come in a wide range of price points. Some may be available for as little as $10 US Dollars (USD). Others may cost closer to $100 USD. It all depends on the tracking technology and other features that may be included. Brand names often also cost more than off brands, though there often is very little difference in quality.

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