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What Is a Projection Alarm Clock?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A projection alarm clock is a type of clock that typically includes both a display on the face of the clock as well as a light that can project the time and other information onto a wall or ceiling. This sort of clock is usually designed much like any other type of alarm clock, with a front face that includes a digital read out of the time and other information, and includes functionality for a user to set an alarm that goes off at a certain time. A projection alarm clock, however, also includes one or more projectors that can use light to display information on a nearby surface.

Although a projection alarm clock can include a number of other features, the primary functions included with such a clock are the ability for a user to set an alarm and projection of information by the clock. These clocks typically function like other alarm clocks, allowing a user to set a particular time at which the clock begins making a sound or playing music. Much like other types of alarm clocks, a projection alarm clock usually includes the ability to “snooze” the alarm as well, turning it off for a short time until the alarm sounds again.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

What sets a projection alarm clock apart from other alarm clocks, however, is the fact that these clocks include a projection system. There are a few different ways this type of projection can be done, though they usually use small lasers or other lights to display information on a nearby surface. Most of these clocks are designed to project the information onto a wall behind the clock, though some may be able to project time and other information onto the ceiling above the clock. While a projection alarm clock only needs to have a single projector, there are some models that include multiple projectors to provide additional information.

Other features often found on a projection alarm clock include thermostat functions that allow the clock to display indoor and local outdoor temperatures. Such information can also be projected by the clock, either alternating with the time, or using multiple projectors to display both the current time and current temperature. Some clocks are also designed with projectors that are on a swiveling arm or attachment, allowing the user to better control on what surface the projection is displayed. Anyone interested in a projection alarm clock should consider how the information is projected, as some methods are designed for low light settings and may not display well in conditions with high or moderate lighting.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips