What Is a Part-Time Employment Contract?

G. Wiesen

A part-time employment contract is an agreement between an employer and employee that indicates the terms and conditions in which their professional relationship is established. This type of document is not typically necessary for someone to work part-time at a place of business; an offer letter can be used instead to indicate many of the same terms. Information commonly provided on a part-time employment contract includes the number of hours expected each week and salary. Any particular conditions that may need to be met can also be included in this agreement and it typically allows both parties to end it at any time.

Employer expectations are usually spelled out in an employment contract.
Employer expectations are usually spelled out in an employment contract.

The purpose of a part-time employment contract is typically to establish the terms of employment between a company and an employee. These types of contracts are fairly rare in some areas, however, since employers are usually free to hire anyone without a legally binding contract. An offer letter is typically used instead of a part-time employment contract, which provides much of the same information but does not serve as a binding agreement. Contracts are often reserved for employees who are going to remain at a company for a set period of time, which may be true of a part-time associate but is not often the case.

Contracts are often reserved for employees who are going to remain at a company for a set period of time.
Contracts are often reserved for employees who are going to remain at a company for a set period of time.

Different information can be included in a part-time employment contract, though the terms and conditions of employment are usually featured. This includes the salary that an employee is going to be paid, which is typically an hourly rate for part-time associates of a business. A set number of hours each week or other type of schedule may also be included in a part-time employment contract. Total hours are often limited, however, by local or federal laws governing part-time work. Both the employee and the employer are indicated in this agreement which usually includes additional information outlining the duties expected of the employee.

Even when a part-time employment contract is established between an employee and employer, terms within it usually allow for easy termination. While there may be certain conditions in which firing an associate is illegal, most employment agreements allow either party to end them at any time. Reasons for termination may not even need to be provided by the one ending the arrangement, and some agreements may be established only for a set period of time. A part-time employee is often expected to provide notice two weeks before leaving a job, however, as this gives the employer time to find a replacement and is considered a good, professional practice.

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When I worked for a temp agency, most of my jobs were part-time jobs, which is what I was looking for. I never signed a contract with any of the companies I worked for, but I know there was a contract between the temp agency and the company I was working for.

I know this contract stated the amount of money my salary was, but don't know what other stipulations were in the contract. When I accepted a permanent job after working as a temp for a few months, this contract was no longer in effect since I was working directly for the company and not the temp agency.

This was a great way for me to find out if the job was something I wanted to work at long term. It also saved the company money because they ended up paying me less per hour than they paid the temp agency.

Because I was still working part-time, they didn't pay for any health or vacation benefits either. When I began working as a permanent employee I signed an offer letter which is different than a contract.


My son has an IT degree and the last several years he has struggled to find full time employment in this field. He recently signed a part-time employment contract with a company for the next 6 months.

While this is better than not working at all, he is hoping this will turn into a full time job for him. The part-time employment contract specifies the number of hours he can work, how much the company will be paying him and that there are no other benefits with this position.

As long as this contract is in effect, he can not work more than 30 hours per week. Working as a part-time employee is tough because they don't pay insurance benefits.

Many of his jobs in this field have been contract jobs which usually means he is not considered a permanent employee. He is hoping this part-time employment contract will eventually turn into a full-time permanent employee job instead of a temporary position.

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