What is a Nail Piercing?

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A nail piercing is a piercing that is done to the nail. These types of piercings are unique in that they do not involve any pain. After a piercing is completed, a piece of jewelry can be inserted through the resulting hole for decoration. A nail piercing is best done on artificial nails and can contribute to a person's image. Anyone interested in a nail piercing should avoid performing the piercing himself or herself and should consult a professional piercer.

Nail piercings can, hypothetically, be placed on any nail. Some nails, however, are more hospitable to jewelry than others. The nails on the little finger and the ring finger can provide a good place for a nail piercing, because these fingers are usually used less than the others, and less use of the pierced nail minimizes the potential for damage. Piercing a nail on either of these fingers can look more feminine than the alternatives, if that look is desired.

Piercings are better suited to be performed on artificial nails. This is because natural nails are likely to be weaker than their artificial counterparts. Those who have decided to pierce their natural nails can take steps to fortify their nails and make them more accommodating to a piercing. Consuming nail-building vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, and applying nail-strengthening liquids to nails can help strengthen a nail for piercing.

Unlike standard nail art that can be fixed or glued onto the surface of the nail, nail jewelry is hooked onto the nail through a pierced opening. After it is looped through the nail, the piece of jewelry is fastened shut. In this way, pieces of nail jewelry are very similar to those that are worn in the ear.

It is possible to pierce one's own nails, but it is recommended for those who desire nail piercings to consult a professional piercer. Professionals can help choose the best location for a piercing and can create the piercing with an exactness that many amateurs lack. If the pierced person desires to have as much input as possible, he or she can browse catalogs for pictures of nail piercings and approach the piercer with his or her ideas.

Nail piercings have gained popularity. High-brow fashion designers have jumped on the nail piercing bandwagon and have designed jewelry intended to be worn on the nail. Consumers who are interested in obtaining name-brand jewelry can simply ask to see their options the next time they visit their favorite department store.

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@simrin-- It's actually not as cool as it looks. It looks pretty but it becomes very difficult to use your hands with a nail piercing. The jewelry gets caught on things and it can tag on your nail and rip it. If your nail rips too far, you will have pain and you will have to cut your nail.

I also lost the jewelry several times and didn't even realize it.

If you still want a nail piercing, then have it done on artificial nails. There is less risk of tearing that way.


@simrin-- You don't have to grow your nails. There are actually acrylic and gel nail kits on the market that already have the nail piercing done and the jewelry attached. You just have to apply the nails! Those are so easy to use and they cost less.


This sounds so cool!

I've been dying to get a piercing but I'm scared of pain. A belly button piercing or an eyebrow piercing are just out of the question for me.

A nail piercing sounds perfect! I have to grow my nails first but I will get this done as soon as possible! Thanks for the article!

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing