What is a Kettleball?

L. Roux

A kettleball, also called a kettlebell, is a large, canon-like weight with a handle. It is often made from cast iron and can be used in various strength- and cardio-building exercises. Kettleballs come in a wide variety of weights to accommodate all fitness levels. The variety of kettleball exercises can provide an intense, full body workout.

Some athletes consider kettleballs an alternative to the more commonly used dumbbells.
Some athletes consider kettleballs an alternative to the more commonly used dumbbells.

The kettleball originated in Russia and may have been used as early as the 17th century. It can provide a good alternative to dumbbells, and it is often used in strength-training exercises. Kettleballs can range from about 10 pounds (about 4.5 kg) to 106 pounds (about 48 kg), and they can be used by both men and women. They are usually black in color, but manufacturers have recently started manufacturing them in a variety of colors.

A kettleball's unique design usually requires the use of the whole body in lifting and swinging it, unlike dumbbells that isolate certain muscles. Using the various forms of lifts, it requires the use of the arms, legs and core to raise the ball. This can increase muscle strength, and since it utilizes a variety of muscles in the body, it can provide a full body workout. It can also increase your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Kettleballs can be effective exercise tools, and they often are found in many health clubs. A beginner can benefit by first consulting a professional trainer before attempting a kettleball workout to ensure the correct technique is applied throughout all movements. Some health clubs offer classes as well that can help a beginner learn. As the athlete improves, heavier kettleballs can be used to provide a more challenging workout.

A kettleball can be heavier than it looks, and without the proper technique it can result in injuries to the shoulders, knees and back. When training with a kettleball, ensure that the appropriate weight is used and that the correct form is maintained throughout the exercise. Kettleballs can also be used as part of a home workout, and are generally available at retail fitness stores.

The benefits of using kettleballs can include weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, strength training and an improvement in posture. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The kettleballs can provide such an intense workout that Olympic athletes have used them as training tools as well. There are various exercises that can be performed with kettleballs, including the snatch and the two-arm swing. Both of these exercises involve an upward swinging movement driven by the hips. Complete training programs can be supplied by professional trainers, health clubs and instructional DVDs.

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