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What is a High Chair Cover?

N. Farley
N. Farley

A high chair cover is a special seat cushion that fits around a high chair in order to provide greater comfort, cleanliness and security for a baby or toddler. There are high chair covers designed to fit different types of chairs, so that parents can find the right cover for any type of high chair. Other high chair covers are portable, making it convenient for parents to put a cover over a restaurant high chair.

Some parents use high chair covers in order to make the seat more comfortable for their baby. With a cushioned high chair cover, the baby receives additional padding over the high chair. Many high chairs are made of wood or hard plastic materials, so the high chair cushion offers a softer surface on which the baby can sit. When the high chair cover is used with an unfamiliar seat, it also provides a sense of security for the baby.

Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

High chair covers also provide cleanliness, because parents can be assured that the seat is sterilized and safe for their baby before placing him or her in a chair. When parents take their own high chair covers with them to restaurants or to a family member's home, they know exactly how the cover has been cleaned. A high chair cover allows parents peace of mind before placing the baby in the seat. For parents who are very cautious about their baby's health, a high chair cover can ensure cleanliness.

Another of the greatest benefits of high chair covers is the additional security that they can offer to a baby's seat. A cloth high chair cover provides additional padding between the baby and the chair, which lessens any gaps that are present, through which the baby could fall. Additionally, high chair covers can offer greater traction in case the chair is at all slippery. Parents might use high chair covers because they can prevent babies from falling out of their high chairs. The cover can act as a barrier between open spaces in the chair's arms and legs.

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    • Doctor with a baby
      Doctor with a baby