What Is a Hazelnut Torte?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

One of the most popular Hungarian desserts is the hazelnut torte. The chocolate torte is flavored with roasted hazelnuts, resulting in a rich, nutty flavor. Though such hazelnut desserts are simple to prepare, their costly nature typically results in their being sold as high-end desserts for special occasions.

Milk is a key ingredient in both the torte and its buttercream frosting.
Milk is a key ingredient in both the torte and its buttercream frosting.

Recipes for hazelnut torte widely vary. Some common ingredients include flour, baking powder, and sugar. Eggs and oil are also typically called for, with the latter most commonly being olive oil. Milk is usually needed, as is some sort of chocolate, such as unsweetened cocoa or chopped semisweet chocolate. If the torte will be fruit-based rather than chocolate flavored, it may be made with lemon zest or a jam of choice.

For a sweeter version of the torte, some cooks add extra vanilla bean to the recipe. Extra butter can also be incorporated for a richer, creamier cake. Cream of tartar and salt are other common ingredients used when baking Hungarian torte.

Prior to preparing the hazelnut torte, any nuts used should first be husked and toasted in order to ensure the best flavor. A pleasant aroma should emit from the nuts once they are fully ready. After the nuts have roasted, they should be allowed to cool prior to being used in the batter. For a healthier version of the torte, dairy-free ingredients may be substituted if desired.

People who require gluten-free diets may also substitute rice flour in most recipes as well. The cake batter is typically prepared in a food processor or similar device. This will ensure that the nuts will be ground finely enough to be enjoyed in the final product. Like other cakes, it is then baked in an oven per the recipe's instructions.

Butter cream icing is often used to ice hazelnut torte. This can be made with milk, eggs, and cornstarch. Sweet ingredients, such as sugar and powdered sugar, are also usually necessary for the homemade topping. It can also be purchased and spread on the cake, using a few extra roasted hazelnuts to artfully decorate the iced torte. Other garnishments can be substituted if preferred.

Garnishments for hazelnut torte can widely vary. Aside from frosting, powdered sugar is the most common flourish added to the completed dessert. Some people serve their cake with fresh fruit on the side. Many people enjoy the dessert when it is topped with whipped cream or another sweet accompaniment. Ice cream or frozen yogurt, particularly chocolate flavored varieties, are other popular sides to the torte, as is crème fraîche.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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