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What Is a Halogen Oven?

Geisha A. Legazpi
Geisha A. Legazpi

A halogen oven is typically a portable and tabletop convection oven that is much smaller than a standard-size convection oven. A convection oven is commonly used for roasting and baking, and a microwave oven works much faster than a convection oven but cannot make food crisp and brown. With a halogen-style oven, culinary enthusiasts can get the best of both convection and microwave ovens.

Halogen ovens are considered the more suitable option for those with small kitchens. Their portable design also makes them a great travel accessory for people who love to cook outdoors or enjoy the outdoors in modern campsites with electricity and water hookups. To appreciate how this oven works, it is important to understand how both microwave and convection ovens work.


A convection oven uses heat radiation that passes through ceramic-coated metal, but a halogen oven uses infrared heat radiation and halogen bulbs in order to cook food. Like convection ovens, halogen ovens can also be used for grilling, baking, and roasting food. The browning effect of the oven also guarantees that the natural juices of the food are maintained, which is unlikely when using a microwave oven.

Unlike a convection oven, a halogen oven works as fast as a microwave oven due to its built-in high-powered fan. This fan prevents the overcooking of food because it is configured to control temperature and automatically reduces heat whenever necessary. Halogen oven users do not have to turn or flip food over and over because the built-in fan works to make sure that the heat circulating inside cooks everything to perfection. Cooking food using a halogen oven is considered one of the most convenient ways to prepare meals.

Halogen ovens typically have a glass container where food is placed. It allows the user to visually monitor the food and manually stop the oven if the food is already in its ideal cooked state. This is one benefit that convection oven users do not have, which is why people new to baking are more prone to make mistakes when using a convection oven. Windows of convection ovens are generally tinted or dark, making it nearly impossible for users to visually estimate if the food is already cooked or not. They have to make sure that cooking or baking time is accurate, or use a cooking thermometer.

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