What is a Growroom?

Marlene de Wilde
Marlene de Wilde
A growroom is often used when a crop like marijuana is illegal.
A growroom is often used when a crop like marijuana is illegal.

A growroom, or grow room, is a place where plants are grown under controlled conditions, such as with artificial light, sunlight or both. Heat is generated by the use of power lamps, and if things get too hot, a ventilation fan may be used to cool things down. Soil may be used in a growroom, although hydroponics, a soil-less system that is usually more cost effective and may result in higher yields, is also an option.

A growroom is preferred when outdoor growing conditions are not ideal, space is limited or when the crop is illegal, such as in the growing of marijuana. The use of hydroponics is very popular in growrooms, as fruit matures quickly and crops are usually more abundant under the system. Hydroponics is the growing of plants in inert materials such as gravel, sand and coconut fiber, which, unlike soil, do not supply the plant with any nutrients. Nutrition is added via a mixture of water and fertilizer with the aim of controlling the amount of nutrients and giving each plant the exact amount and type of food it needs.

In order to optimize growing conditions in a growroom, temperature and humidity need to be controlled with differences for day and night time. Ideally, the temperature during the night needs to be a few degrees lower than the temperature during the day, and nighttime humidity should be about half that of daytime humidity. Carbon dioxide enrichment and ventilation are two more parameters that need to be controlled, and air-conditioning, dehumidifiers, heating lamps and fans are some of the equipment that can be used.

Hydroponic dosers and a water chiller are two more gardening devices ideal for growrooms. Hydroponic dosers automatically measure, adjust and dispense nutrient solution. Water chillers ensure that water temperatures do not rise above the ideal mark due to the use of lights and pumps that can heat the water. A grow box is an automated self-contained environment that is usually totally enclosed. Grow boxes are used by those who do not have the space for a growroom or garden, such as high-rise apartment dwellers.

Successful growing requires frequent changes in the settings of lighting, carbon dioxide and humidity. Air conditioning can cause the air to become dry, so humidity levels may need to be increased. Humidity levels should be higher for cuttings and seedlings and lower for flowering plants. Carbon dioxide levels also depend on the stage of the crop. There are systems that control these conditions according to pre-programmed settings.

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    • A growroom is often used when a crop like marijuana is illegal.
      By: Andris T
      A growroom is often used when a crop like marijuana is illegal.