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What is a Folding Rowing Machine?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

A folding rowing machine is a piece of home fitness equipment that allows a person to receive a full-body workout and is designed to fold up into a smaller shape for easier storage in a person’s home. The design of a rowing machine is based on the movements used by a person sculling a boat through the water. While similar to rowing a boat, this motion involves both arms with each hand holding an oar out from one side of the boat, and in a folding rowing machine involves the legs and body as well. The motion of the rowing machine allows for a more complete workout, and a folding rowing machine adds the extra benefit of easy storage.

Available in various models by a number of manufacturers, folding rowing machines are intended to provide a gym-quality workout with the convenience of easily fitting within a bedroom or other room of a person’s home. The design of a folding rowing machine is built around the basic shape of a seat, with a bar or pedal in front of the seat for the user’s feet, and either two bars each with a handle for one hand or a single handle for both hands attached to a retractable cord. During operation of the machine, the user slides forward and backward on the seat, extending his or her legs and pulling the handle forward and backward.

Rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
Rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.

This movement allows the user to exercise his or her arms, legs, and core muscles simultaneously during a single workout. A folding rowing machine is designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible for easier moving and storage. Though they are often intended for storage under a user’s bed, they can often be kept in a small closet, garage, or anywhere else with a small amount of space.

Folding rowing machines can vary greatly in price and materials used in construction, with some models costing only a few hundred US Dollars (USD) and other models costing much more. The cheaper versions can often provide a similar workout, but may have a flimsier design that does not provide a user with the feeling of stability preferred while moving back and forth on a seat. Many folding rowing machine models also feature digital screens and readouts that display timers, number of strokes, calories burned, and other information. Some models can even allow users to change resistance or difficulty of a workout through the display screen.

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    • Rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
      By: corepics
      Rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.