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What is a Magnetic Rowing Machine?

Alex Paul
Alex Paul

A magnetic rowing machine utilizes strong magnets in order to adjust the level of resistance for the user. There are different types of rowing machines such as magnetic, piston and air resistance. Each uses a different method to provide resistance. Two advantages of magnetic rowing machines are that they provide a much smoother workout and are quieter than other types.

Unlike other types of rowing machine, magnetic rowing machines allow the user to change resistance quickly and easily. Being able to customize a workout depending on the user’s personal fitness levels and strength is important for efficiency as well as to reduce the risk of injury. A magnetic rowing machine is also perfect for home use as these pieces of equipment are often almost completely silent when in use.

Row machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
Row machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.

The primary disadvantage of magnetic rowing machines is that the devices cannot be folded up. Other types of rowing machine are foldable to allow for easy storage even in small spaces. Due to the nature of a magnetic rowing machine, it usually requires a long rail and hence take up a large area. For this reason it is not suitable for use as a portable rowing machine.

Aside from the basic features of a rowing machine there are extras that can be included. For example, some rowing machines come with a built-in computer to keep track of speed, distance and time. Some may also include a heart rate monitor.

Using a magnetic rowing machine is one of the best methods of getting fit without putting excess strain onto the joints. Rowing is considered to be an effective low-impact workout for burning calories and building muscle. Being able to change the resistance level on a magnetic rowing machine is important because it allows the user to get a workout at the right level without having to worry about over-straining muscles and joints. Rowing machines also use multiple muscles, which provides a full body workout.

Other types of rowing machines include the piston resistance and the air resistance. The piston rowing machine uses hydraulics to provide resistance which allows the manufacturers to build rowing machines that are smaller than other types. Piston rowing machines are also foldable.

Air resistance rowing machines, on the other hand, use the energy generated by the rower to create the resistance. This means that as the rower increases the pace the resistance also increases. Air resistance rowing machines are similar to magnetic in that they can’t be folded.

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    • Row machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
      By: corepics
      Row machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.