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What is an Air Rowing Machine?

D. Messmer
D. Messmer

An air rowing machine is a piece of exercise equipment that allows an athlete to simulate the act of competitive boat rowing while on land. An air rowing machine gets its name from the use of a large fan that turns when the athlete uses the machine. This fan creates air resistance, which, in turn, provides resistance to the athlete, thus giving him or her a workout. Air rowing machines provide an effective workout for several muscle groups while also providing a strong cardiovascular workout.

The form of an air rowing machine allows the user to simulate the motion that a competitive rower uses to propel the boat. The machine consists of a metal bar with a seat attached to it with a set of rollers. These rollers allow the seat to glide up and down the metal bar.

Air rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
Air rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.

The bar also has a set of feet at each end to provide stability, and it has two bars or pads sticking out of its side for the athlete's feet. Many air rowing machines include a belt that helps keep the athlete secure in the seat while performing the exercise. At one end of the air rowing machine is a large fan that is connected to a cable. This cable extends out of the fan and over a pulley, then connects to a handle or handles.

In order to use an air rowing machine, an athlete first sits on the seat and grips the handle or handles that are attached to the cable. Then, the athlete places his or her feet on the foot supports. Once secure in the seat, the athlete begins by leaning forward at the waist and bending the legs to draw the sear towards the fan at the end of the exercise machine while extending the arms until they are almost locked in front of himself or herself. Then, the athlete uses the muscles in the legs to push his or her body away from the fan. At the same time, the athlete uses the lower back muscles to straighten the body and uses the upper back muscles and biceps to pull the handle towards the chest.

The key to using an air rowing machine as an effective strength machine is to perform the exercise quickly. When the athlete pulls the handle, the cable causes the fan at the end of the machine to turn very quickly. This results in air resistance and thus makes the cable more difficult to pull. As a result, the athlete must pull harder, and thus gets a better workout. When an athlete pulls the cable faster, the fan moves faster and the resistance increases, thus providing a more intense strength workout.

An air rowing machine also is very effective as a cardio machine. The repetitive motion is very effective as a form of full-body cardiovascular exercise. Also, the smooth nature of the motion means that an air rowing machine provides a low-impact workout that avoids straining the body's joints.

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    • Air rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.
      By: corepics
      Air rowing machines mimic the motions used when rowing a boat.