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What Is a Fiber-Optic Jumper?

Jean Marie Asta
Jean Marie Asta

Fiber-optic jumper cables, more commonly referred to as fiber-optic jumpers, are cables that are flexible and incase single, optical fiber strands in order to connect at least two devices or transmission systems that are fiber optic based. This type of cable is often used in a system where there are frames or panels connected with multiple jumper cables. Each has multiple jumpers that can be located close to similar frames or panels, which can cause confusion in regimented cable management. Fiber-optic jumper cables can be substantially long, stretching across rooms or room spaces; communication centers use fiber-optic jumpers to connect optical fibers at one location to different optical fibers at a remote location. Oftentimes, this type of setup creates crowded spaces and difficulty in managing and replacing fiber-optic jumpers.

There are many types of fiber-optic jumpers, but an individual jumper generally has a standard construction that consists of several components. A fiber-optic jumper can have single or multiple power connectors to do selective application of separate power source devices that emit light. It also has a light guide made of glass fiber for use of different transmission modes, connectors for standard fiber optics, and devices that emit powered light.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

At opposite ends of the fiber-optic jumper are an electrically charged power connector and an LED that are affixed adjacent to each other. When the device is powered, the LEDs at either end light up, indicating that power has been applied and that the device’s tracer system has been activated and is properly functioning. If desired, the cable may include another electrical conductor pair for auxiliary purposes.

A fiber-optic jumper may vary in the types of components it is made of, and one of the types of fiber-optic jumpers is flexible and has a multiple fibers in the device. The jumper has one multifiber ferrule, a metal object used for fastening and joining, that mounts to one end of the optical fibers while another ferrule mounts to the opposite end of these same optical fibers. It includes a protection cover over the optical fiber bundles, while said optical fibers have freedom of movement relative to each other within the cover. Also, its body can allow for one end to have multiple connectors and transition boots to bend through an angle. This particular type of fiber-optic jumper is beneficial for application in optical networking.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book