What Is a Family Fitness Club?

Patti Kate

A family fitness club is a facility where classes and exercise programs are designed to meet the needs of all age groups. Family fitness centers encourage families to enroll in programs and take classes that best suit their age, fitness level, and interest. Aerobic exercises, as well as martial arts, dance, and swimming are some of the activities offered at a family fitness club. A family fitness club typically requires a membership, which may be anywhere from six months to a year, or in some cases longer. Many of the family fitness centers offer special discounts for family packages or for children.

Family fitness clubs often offer yoga classes.
Family fitness clubs often offer yoga classes.

Teenagers and children often enjoy activities such as rock climbing at a family fitness club. This activity is typically done under the supervision and guidance of a trained fitness expert, and with the use of safety equipment. Other activities and programs designed for children at a family fitness club may include dance classes and karate. These are designed to promote physical fitness and coordination, as well as build strength and muscle tone.

Family fitness clubs may include karate.
Family fitness clubs may include karate.

Adult programs at family fitness clubs may include the use of exercise equipment, such as elliptical trainers, stair climbers, treadmills, and stationary bicycles. These programs are designed to promote cardiovascular health while incorporating strength training. Resistance bands and free weights may also be used. These exercise programs are also encouraged for those who wish to lose or maintain weight, while firming and toning muscles.

Other activities and programs that may be offered for all age groups include boxing and kickboxing. This type of exercise is designed to help build strength and tone muscle, as well as offer cardio benefits. Pilates and yoga classes may be offered at a family fitness club, and there are some classes specifically created for pregnant women.

Many family fitness centers ask members to complete a questionnaire or form that allows instructors to learn where the individual's interests lie and what areas the person wishes to focus on. For instance, members may list whether they wish to reduce body fat or increase energy levels. Completing the survey may also allow instructors to learn what level of fitness the club member is currently at so that special programs may be offered to fit the individual's requirements.

Many family fitness centers offer a free trial membership. The guest pass is offered as an incentive to motivate families and help them learn about a club's features. A trial membership may be offered for a week, with the option to cancel or buy a full club membership.

Most family fitness clubs will offer free weights.
Most family fitness clubs will offer free weights.

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