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What Is a Digital Note Taker?

Dorothy Bland
Dorothy Bland

A digital note taker is a portable electronic device that simplifies the process of transporting handwritten notes. Many individuals take notes on their computer, smartphones, and by hand. Taking notes in multiple formats, however, can impede organization and make it difficult to keep track of important information and dates. By using a digital note taker, individuals can easily capture their handwritten notes and eliminate the need to retype this information into their computer or scan these files.

Digital pens are designed to look like and be comparable in size to regular writing pens. In general, a digital note taker will contain real ink and can write on most surface types. For those interested in making a purchase, however, it may be important to know that some pens are designed to be used only on specially designed paper. Others may work on regular writing paper but not if the paper exceeds a certain thickness. A specific type of ink is also required for certain digital business tools.

A digital pen may be used to store handwritten notes.
A digital pen may be used to store handwritten notes.

To write, the pen is placed at the top of the page, and the user writes like normal. All strokes of the pen are captured by the included memory unit and stored as a digital image. As any type of stroke is recorded, the digital note taker can be used for capturing drawings, class notes, and important reminders. A small display is featured on these pens to allow the user to record when a page or document is finished to prevent text turning into one long document.

The storage capacity of a digital note taker varies based on brand and price. Most, however, can store at least 50 pages of notes and drawings. To transfer their digital notes to the computer, users will usually plug the device into a universal serial bus (USB) port. Some popular digital note takers also have wireless capabilities or can be connected directly to the computer to turn the laptop into a touchscreen and allow writing directly into some applications. Once digital files have been downloaded to the computer, they can be organized and viewed in multiple ways, including turned into word documents and desktop notes. Personalized emails using signatures may be created, and a mobile note taker application can be used to write personal messages on photos.

For individuals tired of taking notes in multiple formats, a digital note taker can be a useful investment. Although these devices are generally not as sleek and lightweight as regular pens, they are still easy to carry and do eliminate the worry of losing handwritten notes and managing notes using multiple methods. Individuals who may find a digital pen useful include students, architects, and designers.

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    • A digital pen may be used to store handwritten notes.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      A digital pen may be used to store handwritten notes.