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What is a Bluetooth® GPS Receiver?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A Bluetooth® GPS receiver is a global positioning system device that is capable of receiving Bluetooth® signals as well as the signals coming from the satellite system. Rather than being a primary function of a GPS receiver, Bluetooth® is simply an additional feature that is primarily included in higher-quality models. The main benefit of a Bluetooth® GPS receiver is that it allows for hands-free calling.

The idea to create a Bluetooth® GPS receiver is one that developed naturally, nearly as the two seemingly unrelated technologies were developing. However, whereas many more phones are becoming GPS devices themselves, it only seemed natural that some cell phone technology would be reciprocated in GPS units. Bluetooth® technology is a good fit. In order for it to work, however, the mobile phone must be Bluetooth® capable.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

Those who are traveling may often find themselves in the need to call ahead when making reservations for hotel rooms and places to dine. Many GPS receivers offer listings as part of their services. These often include phone numbers. A Bluetooth® GPS receiver typically is able to handle directing that call through a cell phone at a touch of a screen.

The touch screen is one of the features that make the Bluetooth® GPS receiver such a valuable tool. Instead of fumbling around looking for buttons, which would not be much different than operating a cell phone, the screen makes it convenient to call. Further, in addition to calling listings loaded in the system other features are also offered.

The Bluetooth® GPS receiver can turn into a virtual phone keypad for dialing numbers that may not be stored or part of some other listing. This keyboard can be more convenient than a phone keyboard, as it remains somewhat in the line of sight a driver may need for the road. Once the number is dialed, the Bluetooth® GPS receiver can return to its primary navigation function.

Calls handled through the Bluetooth® GPS receiver are handled through the unit’s microphone and speaker. Therefore, all conversations can be held in a completely hands-free manner. The speaker phone function works very similar to the way driving directions are called out. The only other hardware needed for this capability is a microphone, which is included internally as part of the GPS unit.

In addition to being an additional perk for the owner, the Bluetooth® GPS receiver offers a certain level of safety as well. Hands-free cellular conversations while driving are required in some areas. Further, this provides an additional option if the batteries in a more common Bluetooth® device happen to go dead.

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I have a gps phone and if I am calling a someone in the united states on their cell phone, how would I be able to tell exactly their location?

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc