What Factor Influence a Market Analyst Salary?

N. Kalu

There are a variety of factors that may influence a market analyst salary. Market analyst jobs can be found in a number of industries, including the finance and banking, pharmaceuticals, fashion and retail, and technology. Each industry has its own pay scale for market analysts. The type of analysis that a business analyst would have to perform also determines the market analyst salary. Salaries are also influenced by the overall economic climate within an industry and the country in which the analyst is located.

A market analyst looks at the stock market and financial data.
A market analyst looks at the stock market and financial data.

Market analysts are typically better paid in the financial, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries command billions of dollars in market capital in countries all over the world. As such, there is more money to be made in professional market analyst careers in these sectors than in many other industries that employ market analysts.

The nature of the work that a market analyst performs will determine his or her salary.
The nature of the work that a market analyst performs will determine his or her salary.

Salaries in the technology industry are more varied because this industry consists of popular, multinational consumer technology products as well as very small startup operations. Working for a large hardware or software company as a professional who analyzes the competition as well as the business environment will usually garner a high, well-paid salary. On the other hand, market analyst jobs within small, entrepreneurial startups will not pay as much money because these operations usually do not have as much capital for employee salary and benefits. Nonetheless, a market analyst salary could be compensated by stock options within a burgeoning startup company.

The nature of the work that an analyst performs will also determine the amount of the market analyst salary. On a whole, financial analysts or stock market analysts will earn more than their counterparts in other industries because they perform more technical work that requires specialized knowledge of specific analytical software platforms. Analysts in the finance industry must also be able to carry more complex mathematical calculations and projections.

Fashion and retail market analysts are similarly called upon to predict future growth or quantify present market conditions. Nonetheless, their work is not nearly as quantitative as the work of a financial analyst. Due to this discrepancy as well as the vagrancies of the retail market, the market analyst salary in this sector can be lower than average.

The economic climate will almost always have an effect on market analyst salary. In bullish times, salaries of all jobs, including that of a market analyst rises. In bearish times, the salaries will decrease.

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