What Does an Order Selector Do?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

An order selector is a person who oversees the receiving and storage of shipments in a warehouse. These individuals are responsible for effectively organizing items and ensuring that physical counts match the numbers in a company's computer database. In general, this position requires both a high school diploma or equivalent and a forklift certification. To be successful at this job, it's usually necessary to have solid mathematical and organizational skills. Some common duties of an order selector include storing received items, inputting item counts into a database, distributing items, maintaining warehouse organization and doing inventory.

One of the most fundamental job duties is storing received items. When a warehouse receives a shipment, this employee must place each box into its appropriate location. For some items like food or beverages, an order selector must also make sure to rotate products to prevent them from expiring. In many cases, this includes using a forklift or other heavy equipment, so it's necessary for an individual to be trained and certified on this equipment. To ensure warehouse safety, it's important for him to stack boxes correctly.

For many facilities, an order selector must also input item counts into a database as he stores items. In most cases, this involves using a computer software program, and requires him to carefully key in data. Some facilities might also use handheld computer devices for this process. Being accurate is important, because inaccuracy can sometimes result in skewed revenue or inventory numbers.

Another large part of this job revolves around distributing items to their correct places. For example, if an order selector is working for a retail store, he might need to place items on pallets and bring them to a designated location for stocking. In some instances, he might also need to deliver large items to customers.

Along with this, it's usually the responsibility of the selector to maintain warehouse organization. This practice can involve removing debris from the floor, sweeping, taking out garbage, cleaning equipment and organizing storage shelving. He might handle all these duties himself in a small warehouse, or supervise other individuals in a larger one. Staying on top of maintenance is generally necessary to adhere to safety guidelines and company policy.

In addition, it's important for an individual to do inventory on occasion. The frequency of this will vary from company to company, but will need to be done at least once a year. For this practice, an order selector will perform physical counts of items and compare them to the numbers in a database.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip