What Does an Employment Interviewer Do? (with picture)

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
An employment interviewer is responsible for the hiring of workers.
An employment interviewer is responsible for the hiring of workers.

An employment interviewer typically works on behalf of an employment agency or service and matches job seekers with potential employers. As the job title suggests, the interviewer usually conducts one or more initial interviews with the job candidate in order to match the candidate with one or more suitable employers. In addition to performing job interviews, the employment interviewer may also be responsible for performing background checks on job candidates and providing basic counseling and advice to job seekers. The employment interviewer may also work with employers in an effort to develop a good idea of what kind of job candidates the employer is seeking.

Many employers prefer to work with employment agencies or services while they are in the process of recruiting candidates for job openings. Employment agencies, in turn, employ interviewers who work with new job applicants to determine whether they are a good fit for the agency's clients. At public job agencies, employment interviewers may have to take more of a hands-on role with applicants who may be seeking work through public agencies because they are currently unemployed or are having difficulty finding work through other channels. For example, the employment interviewer at a public agency may need to work with an applicant on interviewing skills and appropriate dress and conduct during the job-seeking process.

Other employment interviewer duties may include administering skill assessment tests to job candidates, checking references, and working with candidates to update their resumes. The interviewer will also act as a liaison between a job seeker and employer by briefing the employer on a particular applicant's skills and qualifications. In some cases, the interviewer may also set up interviews between employer and candidate. As a general rule, an employment interviewer conducts only the first one or two interviews with an applicant. If the applicant appears to be a good fit, the employer will then take over the interviewing process until making a final hiring decision.

Qualifications to become an employment interviewer can vary, but typically require an undergraduate degree as well as some background in human resources or personnel administration. Other individuals who may qualify to work as an employment interviewer include those with experience in career counseling or vocational rehabilitation programs. If the interviewer works for an agency or organization that serves a particular population, such as individuals with disabilities, the interviewer may also have additional training in the needs and issues affecting that population.

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    • An employment interviewer is responsible for the hiring of workers.
      An employment interviewer is responsible for the hiring of workers.