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What Does a Lube Technician Do?

C. Daw
C. Daw

A lube technician works for a car servicing company, or an automotive repair shop, and provides numerous different job tasks for the business and the customer. The main duty of the employee is to change the oil and other fluids in the vehicle, as well as greasing all of the bearings. They may also be required to find leaks in hoses and lines and complete other basic tasks, depending upon the current needs at the time of service. The lube technician is basically an entry level position when it comes to the mechanics industry. They will work under a supervisor, which is usually a qualified mechanic, and will assist them with major vehicle repairs, while being responsible to carry out the minor maintenance tasks that are required of them.

Basic maintenance jobs are the major responsibility of the lube technician. In many specialty jobs it is their only responsibility. It begins with changing the oil and filter, checking the other fluid levels and adding more when needed, and adding grease to the fittings throughout the entire vehicle. Basic job tasks can also include many other jobs, including minor tune-ups, replacing belts and batteries, minor detailing of interiors, changing tires, and any other small tasks that the company or customer may require. Experienced technicians who are familiar with computer diagnostics may also work on main electrical and computing systems of newer model cars.

Some lube technicians are tasked with checking for diagnostic codes as well as routine maintenance.
Some lube technicians are tasked with checking for diagnostic codes as well as routine maintenance.

Diagnostics is another common task that the lube technician must carry out. They will listen to the specific complaints of the customer and check the vehicle accordingly. They will then explain to the person who owns the car or truck about what they discovered to be the problem, the best way to fix it, and the cost of the repair. In this aspect the lube technician must be knowledgeable about vehicles and all of their components, as well as being social enough to converse with customers in a professional and intelligent manner.

The final task, as with most other jobs, demands that the lube technician fill out paperwork. Whether this is done by hand at the business that they work for, or on a computer, they must know how pricing and billing systems work. They must also be aware of the guarantees offered by the company and required by the area that they work in, as well as budgeting their time appropriately.

Most mechanic shops have a set pay rate that they charge per hour, and books that tell them the maximum amount of time that a specific task should take. These books, along with the actual time spent on the repair, will be used to charge the customer a set amount. In this capacity, the lube technician must be able to find references to each task, be able to read and add, and be honest so that they maintain a good relationship between the company and the customer.

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@Terrificli -- that may be case at those "quick lube" shops, but the lube technicians at dealerships do tend to go into more depth when they have a car in for an oil change.

Regardless, even the "quick lube" techs can tell you if there is a major problem with your car, problems with tires and etc. They may not change tires and such, but they can alert a customer if there is a problem. That's a fairly routine part of the job, really. Quite often, the lube technician is on the front lines when it comes to maintaining your vehicle -- they may not work as mechanics, but they can tell you if you need to see one to avoid problems.


Where is it common for a lube technician to change tires and perform other basic, maintenance tasks? That task just seems a bit strange because there are a lot of companies that brag about being able to get your car in and out of the shop as quickly as possible. In other words, you get your oil changed and that's about it. There's just not enough time to do an extensive analysis of a vehicle and replace or repair a lot of parts.

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    • Some lube technicians are tasked with checking for diagnostic codes as well as routine maintenance.
      By: Tyler Olson
      Some lube technicians are tasked with checking for diagnostic codes as well as routine maintenance.